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Ultimate Fighters online slot review


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Ultimate Fighters by Playtech is a video slot machine that finds inspiration in Street Fighter, which is a popular video game series first introduced at arcades in 1987. The basic concept is that great warriors from around the world have assembled in one place to prove once and for all who the ultimate fighter is.


Ultimate Fighter has just three reels and three rows, but using the diagonals allows for eight paylines altogether. There are nine unique fighters, each represented by his or her own symbol. There is also a scatter symbol, which looks a lot like the Mortal Kombat symbol, and a golden Buddha, which serves as the bonus symbol. Coin sizes vary from $0.02 to $5, and players can wager one to three coins per line. In other words, the maximum bet is $120, and the minimum bet to cover all lines is $0.16.

Special Features

The dragon, or Mortal Kombat, symbol serves as the scatter. Four or more scatter symbols anywhere on the lines, including inactive ones, awards a prize, and it can pay out as much as 1,000 coins per spin. Ultimate Fighters also has a second-screen bonus game, which is activated whenever the player gets three golden Buddha symbols on an active payline. The bonus is a game of rock-paper-scissors. A loss results in a win worth two times the line bet, but a win results in twice that amount.

Graphics & Audio

The developers have employed a cartoonish style here, and while the graphics don’t quite meet the standards of modern video games, they do a great job of capturing the essence of Street Fighter. The music and sound effects are fun and only play during spins and bonus rounds, so they never overstay their welcome. There is a convenient mute option for those who disagree.


Three “girl samurai” symbols across hits the jackpot, which is worth 5,000 coins. At the maximum coin size of $5, the jackpot is worth $25,000, and it can be hit on all eight lines for a maximum total jackpot of $200,000.

Overall Impressions

Ultimate Fighters is a fun slot game, and the pay table scales evenly, so it’s suitable for both low and high rollers. Street Fighter fans will get a kick out of it, but there is enough here even for those who have never heard of SF. We really like the odds as well. After all, you only need three across to hit a decent pot, and there are only eleven possibilities per square. Visit this page to find more free three reel slots and this for the entire collection.

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