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Vacation Station developed by Playtech is essentially a classic slot machine that has three spinning reels. The first three paylines are the rows, the fourth and fifth are the diagonals and the last three are the columns. The theme of the game is vacation, and that is reflected in the symbol set through various modes of transportation, such as planes, trains and automobiles.


The small coin size is $0.01, the large coin size is $100, and the game allows you to wager one to three coins per line. Therefore, the small bet to cover all lines is $0.24, and the big bet is $2,400, which is practically unheard of for this format. The player can set the stake and then click the Spin button to begin, and players betting the maximum can simply use the Bet Max button.

Special Features

Since it is a classic slot machine, Vacation Station is light on bonus features, but it does have a scatter feature, which is represented by the suitcase symbol. The scatter feature pays out two coins with four scatters on active paylines, and it pays out as much as 1,000 coins with nines scatters on active paylines. Therefore, the scatter is worth as much as $100K.

Graphics & Audio

The symbol set employs a unique artistic style that is interesting to look at it. The rest of the graphics aren’t as good, but they allow for highly readable text, and that isn’t where your focus will be anyway. The sound effects are good but brief due to how fast the spin animation is here. We don’t mind the fast reels, but perhaps a little background music would be nice.


The jackpot requires three airplane symbols on an active payline, and the value is 1K, 2K or 4K coins depending on whether the spin was a one, two or three-coin bet. Notice the advantage here for three coins, so all players should adjust their bets accordingly to take advantage of that. At the max bet, the jackpot is worth $400K, and there are very few classic slot machines online that can yield that much.

Overall Impressions

We generally prefer five-reel video slots to three-reel classic slots, but there is something to be said for the straightforwardness of the pay table. We also like the speed of the game, and when you factor in the jackpot size, there’s really no good reason not to work Vacation Station into your rotation.

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