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Whack A Jackpot scratch cards game

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Whack A Jackpot Review

Whack A Jackpot is one of the few online casino games that give you a chance to relive your childhood and win money at the same time. This game was recently released by Microgaming, the developer of some of the best-reviewed online casino games in the world. Microgaming has been trying to get away from boring scratch card games by making games that are more interactive and that give players a little choice in the gameplay.

Whack A Jackpot is Microgaming's version of the arcade classic Whac A Mole. In this digital adaptation, funny-faced moles, that look more like beavers, pop out of the ground wearing miners' helmets. This must protect them when you whack them on the head with your wooden mallet. Each time you whack one of the moles with your mallet, a prize multiplier or a strike is revealed. The object of the game is to match three like prize amounts before you collect three strikes.

Unlike the original game, you do not have to whack each mole that pops its head out of a hole. You can choose which ones you want to hit. This is where you have some control over how each game is played. However, the game is established with only 16 different moles, which is one for each hole. Each mole has a predetermined value or a strike. If you prefer not to play out the game, you can hit the Reveal All button. Each mole's value will then be displayed, and you will instantly know how much you have won. Of course, this is not the most entertaining way to play Whack A Jackpot, but it is the most expeditious.

To start a game of Whack a Jackpot, you have to choose how much you would like to wager. Bets start at 0.50 credits and go upward by one-credit increments to a maximum of 10 credits. You can win one of 15 prize amounts when you play. Prizes start at a 1x multiplier and go up from there. The six top prize payouts are 100x, 250x, 500x, 1,000x, 5,000x and 10,000x.

The fun of Whack a Jackpot comes from its brilliant animation and entertaining audio. The sounds keep you focused on playing the game, and they raise the excitement level. After a while, you find yourself wanting to hit the moles with your mallet just to see their funny faces and hear the sounds of them getting whacked. Winning money is almost a secondary feature to the enjoyment you will experience while playing the game.

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Whack A Jackpot Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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