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Software game developer Playtech brings the Marvel Comic Book superhero Wolverine to life in this slot game bearing his name. The game represents another in a long line of Marvel superheroes to be adapted into a 3D video slot game, joining the ranks of Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor and Captain America. The graphics on this game are compatible with many of the other Marvel games.

The Wolverine sits to the side and oversees the spinning action until the Berserker Rage symbol springs him into superhero mode. The video features are fairly typical and the only audio feature of note is the music that is played as a backdrop to Berserker mode. Overall, the game would appear to be a low-mid range variance slot.

Game-Play Features

Wolverine comes with five Reels and 25 pay lines. The game is probably better suited for novice players with a minimum wagering requirement of $.01 per line and a maximum of $25.00 per line. The low-paying symbols are represented by the playing card numbers 9-A, DNA icons, Wolverine dog-tags, Wolverine blades and a muscular villain.

The wild symbol is represented by the Wolverine. It comes stacked on reels one, three and five and substitutes for everything but the scatter symbol (Wolverine slash), Berserker Rage symbol and the Adamantium Syringe. The payouts through most of the game are relatively small unless the player get a random chance to play the progressive jackpot game. The largest of those payouts comes with five wilds at 3,000 coins.

Special Bonus Features

While the Wolverine slot is void of a participatory bonus game, there are a couple of interesting bonus features.

Adamantium Syringe Free Spins - If three or more Adamantium Syringe symbols appear, 12 free spins are awarded. During the free spin round, the Adamantiun tank is filled up one level each time another syringe appears, prompting wilds to appear. It drops one level each time a wild does appear. The big payday comes if the tank gets filled to 12 levels and then all reel spots are filled with wilds. The free spins cannot be re-triggered.

Berserker Rage Feature - Each time the Berserker Rage symbol appears on reel five, Wolverine goes into action for one free spin and turns a designated number of reel spots into wilds. That number is determined by which line the Berserker Rage symbol occupies.

Marvel Progressive Jackpot - On a random basis, players may get an opportunity to spin for a chance to win one of the four-level progressive jackpots that are available to players who are playing one of several Marvel slot games that are tied together.


The only knock against this game is the lack of a true bonus feature. Otherwise, it's a good solid Marvel game with enough action to keep most players interested.

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