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Best Casino Bonuses

OnlineCasinosElite provides players with a list of trusted sites boasting the best casino bonuses online, along with related terms and descriptions. Before start playing, we suggest to read carefully the full reviews comprising details/info about software, security and others important specifics.

Top Casino Bonus Offers for 2020

Selecting a Casino Bonus

Each online casino bonuses are alluring but it’s very important to have a firm understanding of what the casino is offering, otherwise a player could find themselves in trouble. Not only should you read the bonus terms carefully, but also you should look at all the additional factors.

For example, a bonus offer could include in the package some free spins to spend at the slots, but do you know how much is the basic bet for each free spin offered? 100 free spins with a maximum bet of 1 cent, they make a total of 1€ (not a so great deal!!). In some cases, the bonus terms are so strict, that players could chose to deny the offer, to avoid having to meet the requirements imposed by the bonus itself before to be elegible to withdraw the winnings. That's why is always recommended to read the bonuses terms before to accept them.

Terms and Conditions

This is where less experienced players may tripped over. Very often they are so blinded by the vision of winning, that they would thrall themselves to the game without clearly knowing what would happen in case of winnings, if there are specific requirements to follow before to withdraw their winnings and what procedure follow.

The terms and conditions, thoroughly define each legal aspect of the casino, and bettor's responsibilities. Players should read them very carefully, also to assert their rights in case of disputes.

Customer Support

This is a critical aspect for any on-line gambling experience. How comprehensive is the FAQ? How reliable and efficient is the online casino’s support staff? When it comes to gambling, you don’t have time to wait for answers - even the slightest snag in the process can be frustrating. So an on-line gambling site that can gives you an answers and solve problems in any time is a must!

We always suggest casinos with the best as possible support. A strong sign of trustiness for a casino, is the presence of a live chat support active all days. With this option, you are confident to get your problems solved 'on the fly' whenever you face a problem. Otherwise, the support by mail could be an alternative, but not so reliable and fast as the live chat option.

Financial Situation

First - make a patient and honest assessment of your finances. Determine how much money you could realistically spend on the game and how much you can lose – what is very important - stick to that amount no matter what could happen. Never play at on-line casino because of financial desperation. Don’t play with the children’s college fund or the mortgage (You might have a strong gambling addiction if so). Playing games with such high stakes will make the whole experience more stressful and because of that - it’s going to be hard to accept that it’s time to walk away. For your peace of mind and for keeping the game as entertaining as it’s meant, play with a predeterminated bankroll and do not go over.

Types of Online Casino Bonuses

The most common and popular types of on-line bonuses, a part the typical one, are: no deposit welcome bonuses and free spins. They are specifically designed to attract new players.

The free spin bonus is actually a great way to begin the on-line gambling experience. In this instance, on-line casinos offer a limited number of free sessions to new players, that have to be used in specific games (usually slot machines). These bonuses allow players to experiment with various on-line casino games without any real risk.

The terms and conditions should detail what the free spin bonus entails. They can vary in different casinos and there might be a limit on the amount of winnings. Some casinos can require a small money deposit before a player can claim any winnings.

The no deposit welcome bonus, do not requires an initial deposit. After registering, players will be offered with a free credit which depends on the casino TOS. For your own comfort, it would probably be best to take an advantage of free spins or test some free demo games, until you’ve become familiar and comfortable with playing on-line games for real money. Afterwards, you can take risks, and make the initial deposit to aim for higher rewards.

There are also unique bonuses specific to different sites or different games. Some casinos may offer a specific type of bonuses for Keno, scratch cards or table games (like craps and blackjack).

Casino bonus offers (Playamo)
Examples of casino bonus offers with links to terms & conditions (Playamo casino)


Selecting the best on-line casino and ideal bonuses is greatly influenced by the player’s style. Take an advantage of free spin slots and other games to learn yours while minimizing your risk. There are plenty of bonuses available and a player should use them with diligence. Exploring different sites and options, learning their own strength and weaknesses, getting a firm understanding on 'how to play safe and responsibly' while having the best time – these are the issues that should be understood by every player.

Keep in mind that on-line casinos are businesses. At the end of the day, they have to turn a profit to justify their existence. So do your homework and know what you’re getting into before playing a single game. The more you know about casinos online, the more you get from playing at them.