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Internet Gambling Strategies: Myths vs. Facts

Published on November 1, 2014, 3:24 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

The world of internet gambling has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade so it’s easy to see why so many people dedicate themselves to forming gaming strategies for online casinos. There are hundreds of sites spread around the internet that offer strategies for online casinos. It gets hard to separate fact from myth. Now it’s time to take a closer look at some of the more common online gambling strategies and see which ones really work.

How Online Casino Programs Work

Before looking at all of the different strategies and separating fact from myth, let’s take a moment to look at gambling software itself. Every roll of the digital dice, every card dealt, and every roulette spin is determined by what is known as a random number generator (RNG). In the early stages of online casinos, gaming sites had access to this aspect of the program which in essence, gave them total control over the odds.

Due to recent trends and improved competition, casino software developers no longer allow casinos to access this part of the program. Even though the developers will work with casinos to slightly change the payout rates, it’s safe to assume that a game will have roughly the same odds of winning no matter which casino it’s being played at.

How does this apply to gaming strategies? Knowing that random number generation is responsible for the odds of all online casino games offers a unique perspective to players. Although the RNG does a great job of simulating a live gambling experience, it is still different and in effect, changes the rules between live and online gambling strategies. So a player can pretty much throw any live gaming strategies out of the window when it comes to online casinos.

How a slot works machine with a RNG system
How a slot machine works with a RNG system

Gambling Strategies: Myth or Fact

Now comes the fun part. We will take a look at some of the more common strategies and determine whether they really work in the realm of online casinos.

Money Management Strategy

The most commonly preached internet gambling philosophy is money management. This strategy works through careful planning of a player’s bankroll. The basics are to never risk 100% of the total bankroll in one sitting and to always set a total maximum loss limit everyday.

Myth or Fact

stop playing when you feeling not lucky
Stop playing when you feeling not lucky

Money management should be practices in all walks of life and is a proven way of avoiding huge losses. It’s definitely a fact that practicing money management will greatly reduce the risk of big losses. With the RNG in play at online casinos, sometimes it’s best to quit for the day and come back tomorrow. Money management gives player’s a milestone to stop playing at.

Casino Stacking

Casino stacking involves players placing a short and sensible series of bets on the same place in an attempt to increase their odds. One example is the Triple Jump Roulette strategy. The player will place 1 unit on Even, Odd, Red, or Black. If they lose, they place 2 units on the same bet. If they lose again, they place 4 units on the same bet. If at any time they win, then they profit 1 unit.

Myth or Fact

Using the above example, players are really betting on the hope that they cannot possibly lose 3 times in a row. However, the RNG doesn’t care about such things. Every spin of the digital wheel means that the odds are reset. The chances of landing on Black during the second spin is the same as the first. Casino Stacking is a myth and has no mathematical increase on a player’s odds. In fact, mathematically it lowers them.

Online Slot Loyalty

This strategy involves playing through losses at an online slot machine. So when a player is faced with a losing streak at a particular slot machine, they should stick with it until they get a big payout. This is a common practice at live casinos and there are some players (called lurkers) who watch and wait for someone on a losing streak to quit the machine.

Myth or Fact

Live casino slots work differently than online. Live slots are programmed by multiple factors such as the time of day, their payout, and total cumulative payout. These things make the process of slot loyalty plausible. However, online slots are based on Random Number Generators. We already know that RNG reset after each spin. So for online slots, this strategy is a myth.

Utilizing Casino Bonuses

Online casinos normally offer a wide range of promotions which includes free casino money when meeting certain requirements. The strategy for utilizing casino bonuses is the practice of planning and getting the most from these bonuses. It’s quite a common practice.

Myth or Fact

This is just another form of money management. It’s a fact that planning and making the most of all money in a bankroll is a sure-fire way of increasing it.

Warning About Rogue Casinos

Warning: stay away from rogue casinos
stay away from rogue casinos

One more thing that players should be very weary of are rogue casinos. Since it’s relatively easy for a computer geek to simulate the look and feel of a real casino, always be on the lookout for rogue casinos. These people gain access to their software RNG and will change it significantly to give the house a huge edge. It’s always best to look for reviews before spending real money at a new online casino.


Checking any new online casino strategy is as simple as determining whether it will really work against the RNG. There is no way to trick a RNG nor can on depend on the law of averages. Utilizing money management practices is the only strategy that will help increase profit in an online casino. Since the RNG resets after every play, none of the live casino rules stand a chance of working in the online world. If a strategy involves tricking the RNG, then it will always be a myth.


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