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Tips to Approach a Girl in a Casino

Published on July 13, 2018, 12:05 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

These little tricks will help you out if you’re planning to pick up ladies in a casino. Such establishments aren’t actually the best option simply because almost every girl you can meet there is obsessed with finding a guy with a huge wallet. But even if you’re not the type, there’s still a chance for you. Let’s see what you can do.

Make her judge a book by its cover

No worries, you don’t need a fancy car and a million-dollar suit, but a bit of presentation won’t hurt. For example, if you put on a nicely ironed suit that matches your apparel, your chances of attracting some cutie’s attention grow tenfold. Consider your suit a golden ticket that opens the door to luxury dating.

You can add a touch of sophistication to your image with a watch. There are a lot of online shops that offer awesome replicas at liberal prices. And don’t worry – chicks that hang around with rich guys can’t tell the difference between a real Rolex and a fake one no matter what you’ve seen in movies.

Next, you should take care of your appearance. So make sure your face is clean-shaven (unless you look great with a three-day beard). It would also be nice to pump some iron to make your arms and chest look more male-ish.

How to approach a girl at casino

It’s all about confidence

Confidence is the key to success. No matter how neat you look, if you’re not sure if you can lend yourself a pretty girlfriend, your chances are slim to none. Girls love confident guys. Moreover, they love men, who are 100% confident when talking to a woman. Try on your clothes and make sure everything suits you and looks nice. The last thing you need is to worry about how you look when approaching a gorgeous girl.

Before you open your mouth, make up a small plan of the conversation in your head. Don’t start telling her about Bitcoin trading just because you think this sounds impressive. It doesn’t. You’ll make yourself look like a boring weirdo, who doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and this is not the way you’re gonna pick someone up.

If you have no clue about what can interest a girl that loves spending her free time in a casino, then, perhaps, it’s a bit too early to chat with them. Do some researches first. Find out what such ladies usually talk about and check out articles about Russian brides dating. This topic has a lot in common with the one that interests you.

Don’t look desperate

Now, this rule is crucial. If the girl notices even the slightest sign that you’re desperate, the game’s over. Ladies are actually good at noticing such things. Once she scans you and finds warning signs, her ‘built-in’ alarm system will trigger the natural reaction – escape. What you need is to approach your potential companion naturally. Don’t act like you’re a crazy stalker. And try to hide your excitement.

Start a conversation, chat for a bit, and if she decides to leave, that’s OK. There are dozens of other chicks around. In no case should you start following the girl around; otherwise, she may just get sick of you, call security, and your date night will be over faster than you can say I’m a millionaire.

Practice on one or two girls, and once you feel ready for a more serious step, go ahead and approach the woman you really like. If you saw her playing one of the games, just try talking about it. You need to find a topic you’re both confident at. If she doesn’t show signs of irritation and keeps the conversation going, you may proceed to the next level.

After a couple of minutes, you need to offer her a drink, but do it subtly. Maybe the girl is too suspicious to accept a stranger’s offer. As usual, the conversation gets much more pleasant when two people are sipping cocktails. If you manage to get to this stage, consider it a success. And all thanks to your natural approach, neat look, and subtle manners.


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