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Are you a loyal player? Ask the most from Online Casinos

Published on January 9, 2020, 9:52 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

Casino VIP programs

If you look around online casino forums (the kind of sites where players tend to expose their grievances), two issues crop up again and again. Firstly, there is the commonly complaint that bonus terms and conditions were not made clear. This issue has been discussed to death and, to be fair, most online casinos make those terms pretty straightforward; it only require to read them.

Yet, the second issue that crops up is arguably more intriguing and warrants further discussion. On these review forums, you will often find players claiming to be high rollers, yet have been overlooked for special treatment – bonuses, perks, fast withdrawals etc.

The first thing to say is that we should always take these comments with a pinch of salt. Players might have genuine grievances, but it isn’t always the case that they have been treated unfairly. Indeed, many of these comments come ‘after the fact’, i.e. players have cited that they asked for VIP treatment after spending money, rather than before.

Clearly define VIP schemes is important

Secondly, some great casinos have clearly defined VIP schemes. A good example of this would be where the different benefits and conditions of being a VIP are clearly laid out for all player levels. So, for example, you know how much of a spend it will take to get a personal account manager, express withdrawals, invitations to excusive events and so on.

However, it is clear that some casinos do not clearly define their VIP schemes. Sure, some will offer better rates of exchange when it comes to loyalty points etc., but as for the real perks you would expect at, for example, a Las Vegas casino, they can sometimes be thin on the ground. For players, it can be even more infuriating when they are told the VIP service is by “invite only”, then they wait around for an email that may never come.

Pro-gambler Don Johnson (a real high roller)

What, then, should your expectations be for a top casino VIP scheme? At a minimum it should include better banking options – faster withdrawals, bigger limits etc. – and the chance to get improved terms on bonuses. High rollers also factor cash-back into their playing strategies, so some sort of return based on their expenditure should also be expected. A dedicated account manager should also be provided, as when you are spending large sums of money it is important to have that personal touch.

Why you deserve a VIP treatment

Indeed, part of the allure of being a VIP at an online casino is getting stuff that money can’t buy. Casino operators, perhaps through various corporate sponsorships, will have some pull when it comes to getting access to special events, e.g., things like Premier League games, the Super Bowl, music concerts and so on.

Of course, all of this is dependent on how much you play, and how often you play. The best advice is to map out your spending strategy over a period of a month and see if that matches with your VIP ambitions and what’s laid out in the site’s terms. That should be clearly defined, but it can also help if you contact the casino outlining why you should be considered for special treatment.

The bottom line, however, is that if you are playing at casinos for large amounts and you are not getting special perks, it’s probably time to change casinos. There is enough competition in the industry to make the VIP schemes competitive, so go out and find one that treats you according to your level.


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