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September 28, 2020

Is it better to play casino games or bet on sports?

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Who doesn’t love online entertainment?! However, when it comes to online entertainment through gambling, there are multiple ways in which you can indulge yourself, right from all kinds of sports bets to a huge variety of online casino games. Let’s go through some of the major differences and similarities between these two popular online gambling mediums. Please note, apart from the various similarities that we’ll discuss, there’s another common factor that binds these two, and that is the free bets you get when you sign-up with popular online casinos cum bookmakers. These free bets can be used for both casino games as well as sports bets. On to the similarities and differences now!

Use of strategy

When you are placing sports bets, it becomes imperative that you acquaint yourself with the specifics, traditions and rules of the game. Anyone approaching sports betting without proper knowledge of the concerned game or not doing ample due diligence can be compared to a rookie who walks into a casino for the first time and starts playing the slots without any specific strategy! Which is actually what a large majority of online casino games are about! There are legendary tales of people scoring huge casino wins without any strategy or skill.

However, there are certain online casino games, for instance roulette, wherein you can employ strategies like D’Alembert and Martingale System, to improve your winning chances. But even in roulette, if it’s your lucky day, you don’t necessarily require a hard-core strategy to win big.

Roulette vs. in-play sports betting

Playing roulette on the Internet is a lot like indulging in live sports betting. There is very little in your hands, and you get exposed to a lot of risk and uncertainty. A game like online roulette doesn’t have a lot to do with strategy and planning, which is commonly seen in other online casino games like blackjack and poker.

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Blackjack, poker and strategic thinking

Blackjack and poker players are well known for their abilities to remember their moves and are often seen outsmarting their opponents. In a similar way, you may come across several sports bettors who have mastered the art of outsmarting the bookmakers. You can see them approaching sports betting like scientists, calculating odds, solving equations, trying to find some way or means to get the better of the bookies!

Sports betting, bingo and their social dimension

Even though many may argue that playing bingo on the Internet can never be as social as when played in an off-line environment, the reality is even online bingo can help you connect and socialise with people. Online bingo players actively use the provided chat rooms as replacements of conventional surroundings. In a similar manner, a large number of sports bettors prefer placing bets and then enjoying the concerned games in social environments, to experience higher levels of excitement.


As seen above, there are many differences as well as similarities between sports betting and online casino games. However, whether they are actually similar or dissimilar depends a lot on the way you play. Both of them have a certain degree of skills and social aspects involved.

Author: Jeff Grant (info)


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