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Betting on Football? Enhance your Game Experience During the Weekend

Published on August 14, 2018, 9:39 am

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

The weekend is a peak time for betting on football. It’s where all of Europe’s biggest and best leagues play out their matches, and it’s a time that all frequent punters look forward to. Although there’s a large enough number of punters who are betting exclusively on the Premier League, Championship, League One and League Two in England, there’s just as much action abroad, with Spanish, Italian, German and French football also taking place at the same time.

English Football League (Club Fixtures 2018/19)
English Football League (Club Fixtures 2018/19) -

Bookmakers provide competitive odds and a variety of markets on all football matches being played throughout the world, making betting even more accessible for bettors who know exactly what outcome they want to get behind. While staking money on such a wide selection of football matches offers a lot of options, picking winning football betting tips for the weekend is another thing.

Check out experienced betting websites

Picking out specific match results is fine, especially if they’re backed up by statistics and form in your own research, but it can be hard to tell how strong your own football tips are without any other examples. It would always be advised to compare your football betting tips for the weekend with other websites, as it can be an indication of how clever your bet might or might not be.

It would be wrong to completely disregard your own tip if a more experienced website doesn’t have the same prediction, but it can sometimes be revealing of something missing that could seriously hamper your chances. Websites like Oddschanger are useful for comparing your bets, as they always look to have a new bet available every day of the week and provide followers with a football accumulator for busy Saturdays.

Include football leagues from across the world

Many experienced punters find it easy to pick bets merely based on the handful of English football leagues, but it can be a missed opportunity when you consider the sheer number of football matches happening throughout Europe. Even by adding in favourites from major European leagues, you can enhance your chances of taking larger returns from your bet.

There’s a lot of football fans who will include Juventus, Barcelona, Paris Saint Germain and Bayern Munich in their football betting tips for the weekend, only marginally boosting the odds, but including some key teams who tend to win almost every match they play. You can also back lesser known European sides like Lazio, Atletico Madrid, Monaco and RB Leipzig, with it being an exciting way of enhancing your bet.


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