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Why the Sweden Gambling Regulation is a Model to Follow

Published on January 18, 2020, 4:38 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

Did you know that gambling could be a source of both misery and wealth? Well, irresponsible gambling could quickly drive you down the drain. Besides being addictive, this habit could cost your health, peace of mind, and finances. It is in this regard that Sweden chose to bear the burden of controlling and subsequently alleviating this habit. So, how did Sweden achieve so many changes in the industry? We take a look at some of the variables that the country embraced in this pursuit. Take this ride with us!

Categorization of companies

Indeed, the Swedish market is quite liberal. So far, it allows private gambling companies to invest in the country. However, from the onset, the companies need to be clear on their type of involvement. This move ensures that the potential consumer makes reliable choices prior.

Usually, you will get the competitive sector, the non-profit sector, and the sector for the Swedish central government. While the competitive area focuses on online gambling and betting, the non-profit one highlights gambling not meant for profits. The latter includes national lotteries. On the other hand, the sector for the central government concentrates on gambling on state-owned token machines.

Swedish national lotteries (turnover increase 2018-2019)
The National Lotteries increased their turnover after paid profits by 3.4 percent in the first three quarters of 2019 compared with the same period in 2018. Total sales amounted to SEK 2,503 million

Focus on player Safety

You will appreciate the design that the Swedish gambling policies tend to embrace. These betting laws seek to strike a balance between the freedom of choice and protection against unfair players. Creating a good playground for all potential participants will often ensure that you have a smoother time in the long run. Further, it aims at blocking transfers between unauthorized operators and other participants. It is in this regard that licensure will be necessary for allowing the operation of companies. With such licensure, you will be confident of enjoying more significant levels of professionalism and protection of your rights down the road.

The state will remain in control starting from the new casino sites 2020 and following years; with gaming machines outside land-based casinos, and bigger lotteries. However, online gambling will be open to private companies that meet the relevant conditions. These licenses will cost you between 400000 and 700000 SEK. The licensed experts will also pay 18% as gaming revenue.

Tighter rules on gambling ethics

Nothing could be more impactful in your taming vices within an industry than embracing ethics. The government chose to highlight the essence of maintaining gambling ethics, providing you with the insurance you so desire. Besides, the law requires that all betting companies emphasize a choice for self-exclusion among the customers. This way, they will be conversant with the options they have at hand whenever necessary.

While at it, the regulatory body, Spelinspektionen, has chosen to stamp out illegal activity. Often, the black market tends to be a significant threat to the sanctity of the gambling industry. Unless these unlawful firms are wiped out, it will be relatively hard to tame the entire market. It is for this reason that the body has joined hands with the regulated companies to weed them out. However, most people re of the opinion that strict entry rules could be a source for the spiraling illicit companies. Straightening out the registration and licensing processes makes it easier for companies to come on board.

Self exclusion (demonstration video) - On the site, you can exclude yourself from all games registered for money in Sweden. The suspension applies to games at retailers in stores and on the track, in online casinos, betting, vending machines (Vegas), computer simulated slot games, bingo and online lotteries and Casino Cosmopol.

What are some of the gambling bill regulations that have made this environment safer?

  • The operator has to protect participants against problem gambling
  • There will be moderation in marketing gambling
  • There should be room for the participants to exclude themselves from engaging in the activity freely. This includes stopping bonuses after their first bet
  • The SGA will provide warning messages to players, gamers, and gamblers through the internet
  • It will be a criminal offense to promote as well as advertise gambling without the requisite licensure
  • Operators need to be licensed as per the regulations of the regulator
  • All operators will maintain a sense of ethics at all times of their operation

Observing these regulations will always be vital in keeping the industry as disciplined as possible. Besides, it will come in handy in distinguishing professionalism from illicit indulgences. All players within the market have shown their commitment to remain in abidance.


Controlling the industry of gambling in Sweden has always been a taxing task. With the sector murked with illicit trade and unprofessionalism, changes were necessary. These new regulations have come in handy in bringing sanity back to the industry.


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