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Aggregated Casino Lobby Data Helps you Discover the Best Online Slots

Published on May 20, 2020, 9:58 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

How to use SlotRank to find the best online slots

Slots have proven to be the most popular games at both online and off-line casinos over the world. The ease with which you can play these games, and the amount of variety that’s on offer, makes them the favourite of gamblers of all types, right from the starting-out players to seasoned professionals.

Although the slot games offer plenty of bells and whistles, giving you ample opportunities to score handsome wins, selecting the right ones is an art that can be master over a period of time, and only with correct data. If you’re playing online slots simply for fun, you can go with anything that interests you, but if you’re in it for the long haul and want to win consistently, you must refer to the data behind these games, and spend a good amount of time selecting best online slots yourself. One of the best ways of selecting such slot games is by referring to the aggregated casino lobby data. Let’s tell you more about it below.

About SlotRank and aggregated casino lobby data

There are certain methods such as SlotRank, actively used by SlotCatalog website (accessible through the link above), which involve usage of an objective ranking to find out about the popularity of different slot games. This rank is derived based on exposure or the average lobby position given to online slot games, in different online casinos.

As per this method, thousands of casino websites spanning across 30+ markets are crawled on a daily basis, in order to find out which all games they offer and which all are given prominent place in their lobbies. The scrolling happens in incognito mode, which does away with the possibility of any personalised gaming suggestions.

The numbers of the slotrank database
SlotRank includes nearly 6000 slots in its database

Casino lobby can essentially be defined as the primary section of an online casino portal where players can locate the most popular games. In case there are different sections for different games, it’s the section that opens by default after a visitor lands on the casino website, which is taken as the default.

In certain cases, the casino site has various sections, without a clearly evident main lobby. Visit any Playtech powered online casino and it will be the same there. You will find sections such as Games, Casino, Vegas etc., but nothing that can be identified as the main lobby. In such cases, all the different sections on the landing page are treated as a combined casino lobby, and each one of these sections are crawled separately.

Points are allocated to every online slot game in the database, depending upon its position in the respective crawled casinos. The point distribution happens depending upon the lobby position of the game. For instance, Position 1 implies maximum points and best position in the lobby. In case an online slot game is found to be absent from the casino lobby, it is allocated a score of 151. The position score of every online slot game is then multiplied by a certain weight-multiplier.

The determination of weight multiplier is through geographical popularity enjoyed by the casino portal, depending upon the amount of traffic it gets. For instance, a reputed and well-known UK based casino will enjoy full weight, while an unknown UK casino will be allocated the lowest weight multiplier.

The data gets aggregated country by country, and provides a relative SlotRank metric for different gambling markets across the world. Furthermore, with new online slots getting launched in the market, the SlotRank is calculated on a daily basis. It ensures that players receive the latest and most updated ranking data.

How SlotRank works in 4 steps
How slotrank works in 4 steps

Other factors

There are some more factors other than SlotRank and aggregated casino lobby data, which are often considered while trying to locate the best online slots. Let’s find out if they’re truly helpful or not.

Return to Player (RTP) percentage

RTP is a theoretical metric which helps in estimation of the expected payback percentage of a specific online slot game. In simple terms, a game that has a higher RTP percentage implies that you have a better chance of winning from it in the long term, as against a game that features a lower RTP.

In general, whenever we talk about online casino games, we often refer to the ‘house edge’. For instance, French Roulette is believed to have a house edge in the vicinity of 1.35%. It implies that the online casino will win at least that percentage from your wagered money every time you play that game. It’s the fee charged by an online casino for offering its services. When playing poker, this fee is referred to as rake.

In the context of online slot games, RTP is the metric with which you estimate the pay out of an online slot. It’s the opposite of the house edge, in the manner that it gives an estimate about the percentage of money a gambler is expected to win from a specific slot game, over the long term.

Let’s explain it with the help of an example. Starburst is a popular online slot which comes with an RTP of 96.09%. It implies that you can expect a $ 96.09 pay out from every $100 that you wager on this game, in the long term. The house edge in this case works out to 3.91% (100% - 96.09%). It’s very important to understand the significance of ‘the long term’ in RTP calculation. It means that the result expected over a large number of slots spins, for instance, 1 billion spins. Slot spins over shorter time period, or lesser number of spins, will not always yield the same kind of result. To put things into perspective, 50,000 spins is treated as a small number of spins! Considering that fact, all kinds of unexpected results can happen when you play online slot games.

Hit frequency and variance

As explained above, RTP comes into picture only over the long term and a large number of spins. It is often treated merely as a theoretical number.

Why this is so is because when slot games are developed, the mathematical formulas involved also decide how the paybacks will happen. This implies that while some online slots might have high variance (bigger pay outs), but low hit frequency (less often), others might have low variance (lower pay outs), and high hit frequency (more often). And as is often seen in case of progressive jackpot slots, a lucky player might end up winning the entire payback in the shape of a jackpot.

When we talk about hit frequency, it is essentially a metric which tells how often an online slot player will get a winning combination while playing that game. It is included in the product sheets of the game, and is also displayed online for the players’ information. For instance, if an online slot has an 8% hit frequency, it implies that 8% of all its spins will result in a win for the players (over the long term).

As is the case with RTP, the randomness of online slots is such that the actual outcome might be a lot different from the theoretical metric. Although unlikely, it is always possible for the following scenarios to unfold when you play online slots:

  • You spin an online slot 100 times and land winning combinations on 62 instances, rather than 8% suggested by the hit frequency.
  • You spin an online slot 100 times, but don’t land a winning combination even once, quite contrary to the 8% hit frequency.

On the whole, it has been found that aggregated casino lobby data and SlotRank figures work out to be more reliable in locating best online slots.


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