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How to get the most when playing at a land based casino

Published on February 19, 2019, 8:15 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

Every casino player wishes to get the most returns from the money they invest in gambling at different games. Nevertheless, since the house usually has an advantage over other contestants, it’s important to sharpen your skills before gaming in order to increase your odds of winning. Below are some of the techniques you can use to stay ahead of any competitors:

I) Choose your dealer carefully

Typically, dealers have varying levels of expertise in the game that they specialize in. In fact, for some games such as blackjack it’s estimated that there are less than 100 professional blackjack dealers in the world.

By playing in casinos with inexperienced dealers, you stand a higher chance of winning by taking advantage of common mistakes that these individuals often make, such as accidentally flashing the face-down card for other players to see. This technique of identifying weak dealers from different casinos is commonly referred to as “card holing”, and statistics show it can give you between 6-9pct advantage over the house.

Casino Card Dealer

II) Play only with the dealer

Usually, casinos derive their advantage in table games when there are several players gambling at the same time with the dealer. This is mainly because there’s higher volatility in the sharing of cards due to the many players available, which significantly reduces the likelihood of landing a winning card.

However, when you play one-on-one with the dealer your chances of holding those high value cards that can make you win big increase drastically. When it’s only you and the card-holder at the table, you both have a 50\50 chance of winning the game. But if other players also join in then your chances drop considerably.

III) Practice and familiarize with your casino

Never place your money in a game that you’ve never played before, and have little understanding of how it actually works. It’s highly recommended to brush up your skills before gambling, so as to avoid common pitfalls that can make you lose your money.

Contrary to the typical online casino sites, many land based casinos make profits on games that are otherwise easy to win, simply because the players aren’t skilled enough to beat the house. However, by taking your time to study how the different games work, you can return the advantage back to your side.

Additionally, you should be aware of the mind games that casinos usually employ to entice players towards games which have lower winning odds. For instance, the main bet, such as banker bet in baccarat, typically has the least house edge. Whereas extra or bonus bets carry a house-edge that may be up to 5 times higher, thus lessening your chances of winning.

Likewise, steer clear off games that are intentionally made to be attractive by the casino, with flashing lights and vivid colors. Such games usually have lesser odds of winning since the casino knows many people would be enticed towards them, thus the reason to make it difficult for them to win.

IV) Give first priority to tournaments

Tournaments are more lucrative than typical games, since you pay a single flat rate upfront but when you win the prize-value could be substantially more than your entry fee.

A blackjack tournament with speaker
A blackjack tournament with speaker

What’s more, most tournaments allow players to plan for the game way ahead before buying in. This way you can easily decrease your gambling amount to a predictable wager, which gives you higher chances of landing the jackpot. Similarly, for some games such as slots, tournaments can prove to be rewarding for the first up to third placed players.

In most casinos, players who join tournaments are also allowed to gamble on multiple levels and not just a single stake, this introduces several possibilities of winning and makes the gambling experience much more fulfilling to the individual.

V) Stick to your betting limits

Before trying your hand in any casino game, set aside a budget that you’re willing to spend and abide by it. This way you’ll avoid gambling beyond your means and going into financial problems if things don’t work out your way. The key to winning at the casino is weighing how much you are capable of risking, in comparison to the possible returns.

To conclude, it’s important to prepare well before gambling your money at the casino in order to maximize your chances of winning. This way you’ll also enjoy playing the games much better.


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