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Top Events to Celebrate Halloween in Las Vegas

Published on October 25, 2014, 4:32 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

Halloween is just around the corner, and many Las Vegas venues are gearing up for the holiday with plans for special parties, promotions, and other attractions. Here's a look at how adventure seekers in Las Vegas will be celebrating the ghoulish holiday.

Halloween in Las Vegas
When Halloween arrives, Las Vegas is full of spectacular events for all tastes

Haunted Houses at Meadows Mall

Two more haunted houses, known as “The Asylum” and “Hotel Fear,” will be staged in the parking lot of the Meadows Mall. The two houses incorporate one spooky tale between them, a tale that features members of the “Vander” and “Feoray” families. The Meadows Mall attraction is available on weekends throughout October and ends on Nov. 1. Tickets for this event are much cheaper than the Fright Dome event at only $15 per person.

Trilogy of Terror

Freakling Bros. Horror Shows presents a trio of haunted houses for Vegas visitors called the “Trilogy of Terror.” The first haunted house, named “Gates of Hell,” is purported to be the sole R-rated haunted house in the state. This house is unique because the actors inside of it involve guests in their dramatics by actually touching them. Some guests report enjoying the experience, but others have said they didn't like being poked, shoved, and even “head locked” by Freakling Bros.' overzealous actors.

Two other Freakling Bros. houses, titled “Castle Vampire” and “Circus of Horrors,” will also be on display from now until Oct. 31. "Circus of Horrors" is themed with scary clowns and spooky, circus-like attractions. "Castle Vampire" resembles a haunted castle and treats guests to the experience of a "shrinking" room, hidden passages, and, of course, vampires.

The Fright Dome at Circus Circus

Circus Circus is the home of one of Nevada's greatest haunted house displays. Since the beginning of October, guests at the hotel/casino have been enjoying Fright Dome, a highly popular Sin City attraction. Guests at Fright Dome enjoy exploring six different haunted houses inside a 250,000-square-foot theme park. Ticket holders also get to partake of nightly shows, thrill rides, and a 4-D “panic house.” Admission pricing begins at $39.95, but VIP tickets can be purchased for an extra $20. The theme park is open from 7 pm. through midnight and will close its doors on Nov. 1.

Haunted Harvest at Springs Preserve

Guests with children might want to check out the Haunted Harvest at Springs Preserve. This Halloween-themed festival focuses on family fun. Guests can enjoy carnival games, a mildly spooky maze, trick-or-treating, a petting zoo, kids' crafts, a ghost story train ride, and much more. Costumes are encouraged, but to avoid frightening small children, adults are asked not to wear masks.

Springs Preserve, when it's not functioning as a Halloween attraction, is a cultural site that is home to many galleries, gardens, hiking trails, and the Nevada State Museum.

HallOVeen at the Magical Forest

Another family-friendly event that runs through October is Opportunity Village's “HallOVeen at the Magical Forest.” Guests can tour the “forest” where actors are dressed as beckoning ghouls and goblins, participate in rides and attractions, watch movies, make crafts, and much more. This is a charitable event sponsored by Opportunity Village that will benefit thousands of individuals with cognitive disabilities and their families in the Vegas area.

Monster's Ball at Commonwealth

Beginning at 7 pm on Halloween night, Commonwealth will hold a “Monster's Ball” party featuring a creative line-up of spooky libations like “The Ghoul Digger,” a drink with whiskey and candy corn, and the “Vamp Tramp,” a vodka and liqueur mix. A sexy burlesque performance by Ms. Redd will take place at 10 pm. Cash prizes will be awarded for both the sexiest costume and the scariest costume. Commonwealth is a stylish bar on Fremont St. with a hip, “downtown Vegas” vibe.

Monsters Ball event at Commonwealth
Monsters Ball event at Commonwealth, Las Vegas (Friday, October 31, 2014) - picture from

Zombie Apocalypse at Surrender Nightclub

Wynn Las Vegas' Surrender Nightclub will hold a four-day party between Oct. 29 and Nov.1 that celebrates “hot” zombies. On Oct. 29, the club will conduct a “sexiest costume” contest for women; prizes will amount to approximately $20,000. On Nov. 1, a second sexy costume contest for women will take place with another $10,000-worth of prizes. The event will be filled with music, drinking, dancing, and many zombie costumes.

Ghouls Gone Wild at Crazy Horse III

Another party featuring sexy costumes will take place at Crazy Horse III, a Las Vegas pole dancing club, on Halloween night. Crazy Horse III prides itself on its wide array of beautiful dancing girls. A prize of $1,000 in “Diamond Dollars” will be awarded to the male guest with the best costume. This money may be spent by the winner on items and services inside the club.

“Evil Dead – the Musical” at Planet Hollywood

"Evil Dead – the Musical" is a funny musical romp that celebrates three “classic cult” horror movies: Army of Darkness, Evil Dead 1, and Evil Dead 2. The New York Times favorably compared this show, which originated in 2003, to the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show. The rock musical has been performed in Toronto, off Broadway, and now makes its home in Las Vegas. Performances at Planet Hollywood's V Theater are scheduled to run through October of 2015.

For those who want spooky entertainment but aren't interested in "Evil Dead," Planet Hollywood's Zombie Burlesque is another show scheduled to play at the V Theater through October 2015.

Las Vegas Halloween Parade

A parade down Fremont Street will take place on the night of Halloween at 7 pm. This parade is unique in that any person may join in if they're wearing a costume. At the end of the parade, prizes will be awarded in several costume categories, including “Best Costume Under Age 10,” “Best Costume Over Age 10,” and “Most Outrageous Costume." This year marks the 5th annual Las Vegas Halloween parade.


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