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4 Mysteries Surrounding Casinos That Remain Unsolved

Published on January 5, 2016, 9:13 am

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

Everybody loves gambling at casinos. But people hardly realize that there are so many mysteries surrounding casinos that remain unsolved till this day. If you love reading about mysteries, disappearances and murders, then we have brought to you a list of 4 mysteries that will keep you astonished about the whodunits.

Horizon Casino Robbery - 2003

An unknown masked man surprised the employee of Horizon Casino, Vicksburg, Mississippi on November 9, 2003 in early hours of the day. It was 4:00 am when the masked man forced the employee on gun point to let him inside. Apparently, the unidentified man was wearing a jacket of a well-known football team, Dallas Cowboys. After forcing the attendant, the assailant made his way to the cash cage. The assailant scared the employees by announcing that two bombs were planted in the building. If the employees didn’t hand him all the money, the bombs would be set off.  This heist plan was successful and the armed man took off with almost $60,000.

Horizon Casino, Vicksburg, Mississippi
Horizon Casino, Vicksburg, Mississippi (permanently closed)

Soon after, the entire casino was evacuated and what was believed to be a bomb was only a shoe box covered in duct tape. Investigators came to the conclusion that this well planned fake bomb heist was carried out successfully after creating distractions at the same time. These distractions were a hoax call for bomb in another nearby casino and a fire in elementary school. These diversions were actually quite successful in keeping the authorities busy while the heist was happening. Even after 12 years, this robbery remains unsolved and no one has been charged.

Trevor Angell’s Disappearance - 2000

Trevor Angell, vanished in 2002 at Whisky Pete’s casino in Primm, Nevada
Trevor Angell, vanished in 2002 at Whisky Pete’s casino in Primm, Nevada

It was the year 2000, when the life of Trevor Angell’s family would change. Trevor was a long haul truck driver who lived in Calgary, Alberta in Canada. His job was very exhausting as he would spend days hauling produce and meat to and from Canada and US. During his last shipment, Trevor was in Los Angeles when he called his wife somewhere after September 19 and told her that he would be leaving the trucking job and that he hadn’t slept in last four days. Trevor spoke to a dispatcher in the early hours of September 22, which was also the last time he spoke to anyone before his disappearance.

Since he used to like gambling, he always made Whiskey Pete’s Hotel his resting stop during his hauling trips. Coincidentally, his truck was found abandoned in the Hotel’s parking lot. The truck’s belongings were there, nothing had been stolen and even the fuel was full. However, Trevor’s empty wallet was found in the front seat of the truck.

Soon after his disappearance, there was some ATM activity recorded. Trevor’s entire paycheck salary was withdrawn. There were unconfirmed sightings of him over the course of 1 year, but authorities haven’t been able to find him so far.

Jodie Bordeaux Murder - 1997

Jodie Lynn Bordeaux: murder victim still unsolved
Jodie Lynn Bordeaux: murder victim still unsolved

Jodie Bordeaux lived with Shawn Bordeaux in one of the Kickapoo Reservation’s farmhouse, Powhtattan in Kansas. The couple worked in Golden Eagle, a local casino owned by natives. Jodie was 7 months pregnant at the time when she was shot by an unknown man through the windows. A bullet hit Jodie in her head and she was killed immediately. Even her unborn baby could not be saved. Her husband was sure that someone at her workplace didn’t appreciate Jodie being promoted to the slot machine department supervisor.

Soon it was discovered that Jodie had reported a disobedient employee to the casino management board. After that employee was fired, he approached the tribal council to file a grievance against Jodie, which caused her to lose her job. A few days before her death, Jodie started getting threatening calls from an unknown person. Till this day, Jodie’s death remains unsolved and suspicious as people from the Kickapoo Reservation have sealed their mouth.

Gail Anne Thompson Murder – 1996

A notice states the discovery of the murdered body of Gail Anne Thompson
1996 - a notice states that the murdered body of Gail Anne Thompson has been found in Jackpot, Nevada (Elko daily free press)

Gail Anne Thompson, along with her husband Bobby and another couple went for a weekend gambling getaway in Jackpot, Nevada on May 3, 1996. The group was staying at Cactus Pete’s Resort Casino. After the gambling session, Bobby and other couple went to sleep in their rooms, while Gail stayed back to gamble. However, the following morning Gail didn’t return and she was nowhere to be found. After an intense search for Gail, Bobby filed a missing person’s report with the local police department and drove back his friends to their home.

It was May 9, 1996 when Gail was found in a parking lot. However, she wasn’t alive – her head was smashed and her throat was cut open. The authorities didn’t believe that Gail was murdered in the lot – everything look like it was placed for a make believe crime scene. Gail’s personal belongings such as wedding ring, purse and a $20 bill was also found at the crime scene.

Her pants were found down the knees, but no evidence of sexual assault was found. After investigation, it was found that Gail was Bobby’s fifth wife and they were having a feud on relocating back to Kansas, where Gail’s family lived. Bobby remarried 3 months after Gail’s body was found. However, Bobby died in 2000 and the truth about Gail’s murder remains a mystery.


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