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Rush Street Gaming Proposes New Design for Schenectady Rivers Casino

Published on June 23, 2015, 9:56 am

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

According to Rush Street Gaming (RSG), a renowned developer based in Chicago, the casino property worth $330 million, which is to get developed in Schenectady, New York, may have a few amendments in its design. The company announced that these changes would certainly be applied to the already proposed design of Rivers Casino & Resort.

The company brought into the picture the new renderings of Mohawk Harbor’s casino the previous week. A meeting is to be held on June 17, 2015, wherein the plan would be put forth by RSG to the Schenectady Planning Commission.

Rivers Casino & Resort at Mohawk Harbor
Chicago-based RSG proposes new renderings of Rivers Casino & Resort at Mohawk Harbor

On the other hand, the company faced a clear censure due to the property’s lately introduced exterior semblance. Chief Executive Officer Greg Carlin said that it would be great to hear from people about the new design. Also, they would love to bring the necessary changes if people liked the new design.

As the renderings suggest, the latest design somehow has a traditional appearance. According to Carlin, they want the casino to complement the other buildings in the New York City. Also, it should better coalesce with them. Besides, the casino property should not be anything less than the multi-purpose development worth a big $150 million, next to it. Rather, it must be a foil for the same.

Galesi Group located in Rotterdam, is to develop the multi-purpose building. This development is the only reason for Rush Street Gaming to add brown bricks and varied other amazing features to the new design of the to-be-developed casino.

Expressing his feeling about the proposed drawing for the casino, Carlin said that the same was extremely futuristic and advanced to go well with the city. Nevertheless, Twitter as well as local media had a sea of people from Schenectady, who belittled the recently projected design. A rejoinder so off-putting was never expected, according to the executive. It seemed that the city’s people did not like it at all – or liked it just a pinch, maybe. Since, many people deemed it as a money-saving way of the company.

Greg Carlin, CEO at Rush Street Gaming
The new design is more customer-friendly, says Greg Carlin, CEO, Rush Street Gaming

To be clear on their part, Rush Street Gaming’s design consultant Mike Levin and the CEO both affirmed that people could rest assured that the budget will see no variation. Adding to it, they said that the novel fascia had such materials that if reorganized, would bring a total change in the property’s manifestation.

In the new design, the other renderings may include the altered blueprint of the casino. The design had an 850-space parking garage that was to be fitted between the building and Mohawk Harbor. Now, it was relocated, and in the belief of Mr. Carlin, this was a customer-friendly move in the truest sense.


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