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Relevant Gambling Pages on Facebook

Published on October 25, 2014, 4:32 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

Icon of the Facebook Fan PagesSocial media touches on just about every area and aspect of life, including gambling. Facebook is a great place for both advocates and opponents of gambling issues to state their views and drum up support. Anyone can start a Facebook page; it costs nothing and can reach an infinite number of people with the simple click of a "Like" button. Here is an overview of 11 current gaming-related Facebook pages:

No Alabama Gambling

Alabama has a handful of tribal casinos: The Wind Creek in Atmore, the Creek Casino Wetumpka in Wetumpka, and the Creek Casino Montgomery in Montgomery. All three locations prohibit table games. The state is notorious for its electric bingo parlors, the legality of which has been in flux for several years. The Facebook administrator is not named on the page, but it is clear that this person opposes all types of gaming for money. The page's current "Like" total is 171.

Legalize Gambling in Florida

The motto of this page is "Solve Florida's Problems. Legalize Las Vegas Style Gambling." The legality of gaming in Florida is currently in a state of flux. The administrators of this page would like to see more destination casinos added to the state's landscape. The page, which currently has 27 "Likes," touts the creation of casino-related jobs and quips that Florida is "a tourist state, after all." Critics expect that when Florida's 2014 legislative session begins in March, some major decisions could be made regarding the future of gambling in Florida.

Kentucky for Casino

Started by Owensboro resident Randy Cooper, this page encourages the legalization of casinos in Kentucky. For more than two decades, the Kentucky legislature has tossed the idea of legalizing casinos back and forth. Thanks in part to Cooper's social media efforts, a bill to expand gambling in Kentucky was pre-filed last November by Louisville politician Larry Clark. This page currently has 200 "Likes."

Standing in opposition to the Kentucky for Casino page is a page called Keep Casinos Out of Eastern Kentucky. This is a closed page that was apparently started by Baptist Pastor Dr. William Boyd. Boyd argues that Kentucky citizens will lose at least $1.4 billion each year if eastern Kentucky legalizes casino gambling. As it stands today, lottery and horse racing are the two main ways in which people can bet legally in the state.

Bring Resort Casinos to Massachusetts

This page represents the Massachusetts Coalition for Jobs and Growth, whose goal is to bring at least $1 billion in much-needed revenue to the state of Massachusetts through the addition of resort casinos. Specifically, the coalition would like to see the construction of three resorts in the Commonwealth. In this state, the question is not whether or not commercial casinos should be permitted; the question is which companies should be granted the limited number of casino licenses available. The Facebook page currently has 18,507 "Likes."

New Hampshire Residents Who Support Expanded Gambling

This page was formed in attempt to expand the number of slot machines in New Hampshire. The slot machine solution is proposed as a revenue alternative to higher property and sales taxes. Several gambling measures are up for negotiation during the 2014 legislative session. Expanding the state's casino landscape is viewed as one way to get the revenue necessary to repair New Hampshire's roads. Current "Like" total is 20.

Members of the Facebook page 'New Hampshire Residents Who Support Expanded Gambling'
Members of the Facebook page 'New Hampshire Residents Who Support Expanded Gambling'

Stop Predatory Gambling New Mexico

This site describes the relationship between government and the gambling industry as "toxic." The page, with 28 "Likes," is an offshoot of the 1992-founded New Mexico Coalition Against Gambling. New Mexico is home to a number of tribal casinos and racetracks. The Navajo tribe currently manages three casinos in the state, but they are hoping to operate two more if all goes well for them in the state's upcoming legislative session. All tribal gambling houses are overseen by the Gaming Control Board, although the tribes' precise financial figures are not made public.

No New York Casinos

This page was created to persuade New Yorkers to vote "no" on Referendum #1 last November. The ballot measure, which in fact passed, provides for the construction of seven new state casinos over the next seven years. Governor Andrew Cuomo pushed for the passage, promising increased school funding and other revenue perks if the measure were voted in. Interestingly, this Facebook page has not been updated since last November's election day.

Bring Legalized Gambling to Texas

Texas has one tribal casino and no commercial casinos. Residents can play the lottery, bet on races, and participate in bingo games. LegalizeTexasGambling, would like to see other forms of gambling legalized in the state.

LegalizeTexasGambling - Group's logo
LegalizeTexasGambling (Group's logo)

The administrator points to the fact that Texans are "already voting for legalized gambling" by leaving the state to play games elsewhere. Instead of exporting resources to other states' casinos, this group would like keep Texas money in Texas. The page currently has 28 members, but its timeline indicates that it once had over 1,000 members.

Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling - Group's logo
Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling

Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling

The administrators of this page belong to a coalition of the same name. They feel that the availability of U.S. Internet gaming "takes gambling too far." Young, poor, and elderly people are considered to be the market's main targets. The page was initiated in November 2013, the same month that New Jersey's Internet gaming went live online. It has received almost 1,000 "Likes."

Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative

Safe and Secure Internet Gambling - Group's logo
Safe and Secure Internet Gambling

The recent legalization of online gaming in Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey signifies a gain in Internet gambling momentum in the U.S., according to this site's administrators. The main goal of this organization is to support the regulation American Internet gambling.

As a result of regulation, the security of online financial transactions would be safeguarded. Identity protection and the prevention of underage gambling are high on this group's list of priorities. The initiative was founded in 2007. The Facebook page currently has 235 "Likes."


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