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Won the highest Mega Moolah Jackpot ever

Published on November 1, 2014, 3:51 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

The 'Mega Moolah' Jackpot BonusOnline casino players the world over are crying a sigh of disbelief this week, after their chances of bagging a multi-million Euro jackpot have fallen in tatters with the news that a competitor at Ladbrokes Casino has stolen the show and scooped the phenomenal prize.

The total prize – a record busting €3,363,880.41 (£2.6m) – has been awarded to one lucky punter playing at the British online casino giant, to the delight of Ladbrokes and Microgaming, and the deepest disappointment of fellow Mega Moolah players.

Mega Moolah is just one of several super progressive jackpot slots designed and developed by Microgaming, one of, if not the leading power in online casino games production. Microgaming offers over six hundred titles to over one hundred and sixty online casinos across the internet. Mega Moolah slot is a five reeled and twenty five pay line progressive jackpot slot with a wheel of fortune bonus game.

Although the current jackpot haul is barely even half of the largest total scoop from the same game, it is one of the larger online slot wins in recent years and has caused a flurry of press around the game in recent days. There has been no official announcement concerning the name of the lucky punter, although several names have been floated about in online casino news as to who the new millionaire may be.

Ladbrokes Casino’s senior casino marketing manager, Hannah Ferguson has expressed her own satisfaction with the players €3m plus haul, stating that Ladbrokes Casino is “delighted” that they were the casino that has helping a player win the unbelievable life changing sum of money and that it further backs up the proof that “big jackpots are there to be won”. If there were any ever critics and opponents to the progressive jackpot online slots, they have no doubt been silenced by this latest win, as it is proof indeed that the games are not rigged.

Online slot 'Mega Moolah'
Progressive slot 'Mega Moolah'

Microgaming’s own representative, Mike Hebden, who is the company’s head of casinos, added his own expressions of delight. Mr. Hebden stated that Microgaming were “thrilled” that yet another player scooped a substantial sum of money using the companies Progressive Jackpot Network (PJN) and that it would make excellent advertising for players to continue playing Microgaming’s progressive jackpot slots to win their own share of a fortune.

Progressive jackpot players the world over though, may not feel in the same mood as the winner nor the representatives of both companies, as the progressive jackpot will now be reset to its standard default level. This itself though is still worth a couple of hundred thousand Euros and is by no means, a small prize!


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