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Published on March 20, 2018, 5:56 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

Saga in 16 episodes about the adventures of Russian businessmen building a new, own universe. The universe of illegal online-casinos, crazy profits and, as a result, huge violations of laws - Including Ukrainian legislation.


The story begins in 2001 – at this time in Moscow two Russian entrepreneurs, Sergei Tokarev and Rustam Gilfanov founded the Globo-Tech company.

Sergei Tokarev and Rustam Gilfanov

Sergei Tokarev and Rustam Gilfanov

The company creates the software for casinos’ games and slot (gaming) machines. And did it «creatively» – just copying hundreds of games (such as Book of Ra, Lucky Lady’s Charm, Dolphin’s Pearl, Ironman, Hulk, Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst) from world-famous producers – Novomatic, Playtech, NetEnt. Great success came to Globo-Tech after the gambling’s prohibition in Russia in the 2007 year, and, as a result, the gambling business «moved» to the Internet and became very popular here.

The Globo-Tech’s history

The Globo-Tech’s history on the site Slotosfera

Entrepreneurs are not lost and, in addition to the production of the game content, they decided to engage in the creation and operation of casino products (working on the base of unlicensed Globo-Tech’s games). There were online-casinos Va-Bank, Vulkan Deluxe, BestVulkan, BestForPlay, Geiminator. It is signalled that for many of its products the company chose popular at some time off-line trademarks – such as Vulkan, Admiral, Geyminator and others – but, of course, didn’t pay commissions to possessors of a right.

The operator began to call itself GGS (products were managed by the Cyprus company GGS Net Ltd), and the sites united in the affiliate program GGS Affiliates, generously paid webmasters for the players involved in the casino. The developing market allowed GGS to earn millions of dollars, and the gaming product mix was constantly growing – along with the number of sites.

gambling portal GPWA

GGS Affiliates’ advert on the popular international gambling portal GPWA

Later, the affiliate program was renamed in Lucky Partners, and the PokerDom sites, 24 Vulkan, Azart Club, Super Slots were added to the product portfolio. Both the affiliate and the sites themselves are working to this day, still using illegal software.

portal iGaming Affiliates Programs

Games’ producers. The copies of these games are presented on products LuckyPartners – portal iGaming Affiliates Programs

The owners transported the company’s office to Kiev, where they became known as Lucky Labs. Almost immediately they were perceived as being of a company with a sad «popularity». The Security Service of Ukraine repeatedly came with searches to the Russians’ offices, and Tokarev and Gilfanov were under the President’s personal sanctions on charges of illegal gambling and financing of terrorism.



For now, the affiliate program LuckyPartners includes about ten brands of online-casinos – and each runs on the unlicensed Globo-Tech’s software, which copies Novomatic, NetEnt, Playtech games and other legends.

Previously, there were even more brands. However, some of them were removed (for example, BestForPlay, Geiminator-Slots, SlotoBar, Jackpot), and some – were transformed into a more «white» affiliate program (PokerDom).

The LuckyPartners’ own advert

The LuckyPartners’ own advert

The LuckyPartners’ own advert from the webmaster forum MaulTalk, where brands and historical links with GGS Affiliates are listed.

There is below a list of brands in the LuckyPartners’ affiliate program:

LuckyPartners’ brands

Current list of LuckyPartners’ brands

affiliate program LuckyPatners

Product Description Vulkan Deluxe in the affiliate program LuckyPatners.

Whole four vulkans! And also the good old Va-Bank. It is interesting that it indicates the percentage of return to the player (Return to player %). The 93.25% is much lower than the official software NetEnt, Novomatic and others (where the figure is usually 96–99%) propose. And this means that players win in such casinos much less than in official ones. Actually, that’s the whole secret of the success of the LuckyPartners’ gray business.

As we remember, Internet-casinos in Russia are prohibited. Therefore, RosKomNadzor constantly blocks the domains on which such products are located. But Lucky found a way out of this situation – sites are constantly changing, and webmasters are given a special code that selects the so-called actual «mirror». Even the affiliate program was forced to change the domain with to

At the moment, the affiliate program includes:



Curious fact: the 1 of the April 2017 year, the famous company Playtech (a major producer of games and software for online-casinos) broke off cooperation with the legendary publisher of comics and films Marvel. As a result, the once-popular Playtech games, based on the stories and characters of movie shows such as Hulk or IronMan, have disappeared from the sites of all world casinos.

News about Playtech and Marvel

News about the termination of cooperation between Playtech and Marvel

These games live only on the sites of the Lucky Partners. Why? Yes, because it is a trivial pirate good, copied once by the giant of the gaming industry.

IronMan 3 on the Va-Bank’s site

The game IronMan 3 on the Va-Bank’s site (illustration from the site Lucky Partners)



On all sites LuckyPartners game content – fake, unlicensed, graphically copied from the original. But sites are distinguished by a greedier algorithm that «gives» the player much fewer winnings.

However, the sites themselves are not regulated by any licences. All the above information about the possession of a licence on the site is fake.

In the case of these licences (for example, the Malta MGA or even Curacao), there is always a link to the licensor’s site, through which it is possible to verify its authenticity. But on the Lucky’s sites, even the name of the operator is indicated in the form of a picture, not text, – so that search engines cannot save it in their history.

SuperSlots website

The information about the company on the SuperSlots website

info about Vulkan Casino (Velkam)

Information about the company on the site Vulkan Casino (Velkam)

At the same time, in the end of the letter arriving at the registration in Vulkan Deluxe, like the operator still indicates GGS NET Ltd.:

registration in Vulkan Deluxe



The product, once known as BestVulkan, remains the flagship of the LuckyPartners affiliate program.

Homepage of the Deluxe Vulkan casino

The Homepage of the Deluxe Vulkan casino

At once on the homepage we can see visible copies: Starburst (hit by NetEnt) and Lucky Lady’s Charm (the most popular game from Novomatic).

Gonzo’s Quest by Globo-Tech

It can be seen that the game Gonzo’s Quest (in the original from NetEnt) is downloaded not from the server of Net Entertainment, but from its own, owned by Globo-Tech.

The warning that the content on Vulkan Deluxe is unlicensed can be found on the authoritative site Exactly as well as the mention that the site is managed by GGS NET Ltd, and works on the Globo-Tech software:

BestVulkan casino page

BestVulkan casino page

BestVulkan casino page

The BestVulkan casino page from



SuperSlots in the list of sites LuckyPartners

SuperSlots in the list of sites LuckyPartners

counterfeit game Book Of Ra

The counterfeit game Book Of Ra on the site SuperSlots

Starburst game’s copy

A Starburst game’s copy on the SuperSlots’ site (it can be seen that the game is not loaded from the original server)



Another site Lucky, using the brand Vulkan with unlicensed games.

The casino’s lobby shows a classification by «producers» – the scale of the world brands games’ copying is clearly visible.

Copies of NetEnt games

Copies of NetEnt games on the site 24 Vulkan

Counterfeit Playtech’s games

Counterfeit Playtech’s games on the site 24 Vulkan

For example, a fake game Iron Man 3 from Playtech. It cannot be found in official casinos, because Playtech broke off cooperation with Marvel – owner of the materials associated with the saga of Iron Man:

Iron man 3 (no playtech)

Iron man 3 (no playtech)

The game, of course, is loaded not from Playtech’s servers



One of the «long-livers» of the Lucky Partners program is Va-Bank. The casino demonstrates a wide range of unlicensed content: games from NetEnt, Novomatic, Playtech and others.

games on the Va-Bank’s site

Hulk game on the Va-Bank’s site

Hulk game from PlayTech on the Va-Bank’s site. There are cannot be such game on sites with licensed software.



Another Vulcan from Lucky with a wide range of fake games.

Vulcan range of fake games

Slot Big Bad Wolf

Slot Big Bad Wolf from the famous QuickSpin’s producer. But, here it for some reason loaded from the Globo-Tech’s server.



Aliens on the Azart Club’s site

The game Aliens from NetEnt is downloaded from the Globo-Tech’s server of on the Azart Club’s site



Despite the huge earnings from the «shadowy» products, at some point Lucky decided «clear» its reputation. And it created two online-casinos, based on legal game content, under the licence Curacao – not too, by the way, authoritative.

These sites are Casino-X and Joycasino. The latter is particularly famous for annoying advertising, telling the user how to find a living mirror of the casino.

For new brands, a separate affiliate program was created – PoshFriends. Later, there were added a few more products and poker site PokerDom, transfer out from LuckyPartners.

affiliate program PoshFriends

Brands protected by the affiliate program PoshFriends

Both sites – Casino-X and Joycasino – are managed by the Cyprus company Darklace Ltd., and the licence is obtained for Pomadorro N.V.

licence of Curacao by Pomadorro N.V.

The licence of Curacao by Pomadorro N.V.

Casino-X’s site

Information about the companies-operators on the Casino-X’s site

Joycasino company’s site

Information about the operator on the Joycasino company’s site



In the arsenal of Lucky Labs there is a poker site PokerDom, which for a long time was in the affiliate program Lucky Partners. However, the site was managed by the same company Darklace Ltd. that both Casino-X and Joycasino. This caused foreign partners’ legitimate suspicions. Therefore, PokerDom was transferred to PoshFriends.

PokerDom transferred to PoshFriends

PokerDom transferred to PoshFriends

PokerDom transferred to PoshFriends



Despite the plans to provide the maximum distance of the «white» sites’ (PoshFriends) activity from «shadowy» (LuckyPartners), the fact that all these products were operated by one team was difficult to hide.

Forum GPWA website

Forum GPWA website

The confusion with the PoshFriends / LuckyParners support service’s answer – Forum GPWA website

But a funny episode – a representative of GGS Affiliates advertises the Va-Bank casino on the well-known site LatestCasinoBonuses:

a representative of GGS Affiliates

a representative of GGS Affiliates

The site’s administration clearly didn’t suspect what guests had come to them – and that it had taken care of pirates.

Similarly, it was not suspected at the GPWA forum, when GGS Affiliates bought from them the Gold Sponsor icon:

GPWA forum



In addition to public mention, there is another aspect that closely links the brands of the group Lucky Partners and PoshFriends – payments. The fact is that getting requisites for accepting payments to a site without a licence isn’t so simple. Therefore, all the sites of the group use Pomadorro N.V. as the payee. In some places, there is an old GGS NET. In general, analyzing payment methods, it is possible to confidently say: money from both the «Volcanoes» Luckypartners, and from «Joe» and «Iks» go in one pocket.

Webmoney cashier

Webmoney cashier on the Vulkan Velkam’s (Lucky Partners) website – payment in favour of Pomadorro N.V. (site geiminator-slots is already closed, but there is a lot of mentions in the cache of search engines)

Cashmoney Webmoney

Cashmoney Webmoney on the Casino-X’s site (PoshFriends)

Cash WebMoney

Cash WebMoney on the JoyCasino’s site (PoshFriends)

Webmoney cashier

Webmoney cashier from the SuperSlots website (Lucky Partners)

Payment by

Payment by from the Vulkan Velkam’s site

Payment with the help of

Payment with the help of from the Casino-X’s site

Payment through Yandex Money

Payment through Yandex Money with SuperSlots Casino

Payment through Yandex Money

Payment through Yandex Money with Casino-X



In addition to operating activities’ «white washing», entrepreneurs decided to «clean up» their game manufacturer as well. At that time, Globo-Tech, in addition to hundreds of well-known games’ counterfeit copies, recruited a dozen more slots of its own design. So the company appeared Playson – supposedly a new player in the market for game content producers. Although, in fact, the company’s activities were created on the same basis and as part of the same Lucky Labs.

Playson and Lucky Labs

The announcement of «partnership» Playson and Lucky Labs on the Casino News’ site

GloboTech and Va-Bank casino

GloboTech and Va-Bank casino

GloboTech and Va-Bank casino on Globo-Tech software – from

Playson (GloboTech casinos)

Playson = GloboTech, MyCasinoPortal



Despite everything, Russian entrepreneurs continue to work in Kiev under the signboard of Lucky Labs. And journalists find more and more interesting information about the company’s activities.

Lucky Labs

Lucky Labs

Lucky Labs

Article on the

Article on the AntiKor / Huffington Post:


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