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Let's discover 5 of the most famous Australian casinos

Published on June 22, 2017, 5:22 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

For a long time, gamblers have been rushing in tens and thousands to the famous and legendary gaming hotspots of Las Vegas and Macau. Since when did Australia emerge as a new destination for gambling? The country and continent has scaled extraordinary heights in the field of travel and tourism but gambling has turned out to be something new and sensational. So, if you happen to love a bit of gambling yourself, Australia might prove to be the one and only of the new emerging destinations for you. Here is a better look at the five biggest playrooms across the whole of Australia suggested by

1. Crown

Melbourne has the glittering reputation of being home to the biggest casino in the country. Yes, the aptly named Crown is also unofficially the biggest playroom in the whole Southern Hemisphere. This casino is not just the biggest in that place, however. It might also qualify to be one of the best casinos out there.

The Crown casino (Melbourne)
Outside view of the Crown casino in Melbourne

There are a total of three hotel towers which add up to a bigger total of 1604 rooms. That is something on the level of the splendour to be found in Vegas. As for the casino itself, you can find 3500 poker machines, 40 unique table games to be found on 400 tables, 50 dedicated poker tables and much more. This is really a Southern heaven for gamblers.

2. Crown Perth

Having scaled tremendous heights of fame in Melbourne, Crown has also an established an equally expansive branch in Perth as well. And this place is no less impressive. 2000 poker machines are waiting for those who wish to have a grand time in casual gambling. Get the chance to play more unique games on nearly 220 game tables and also indulge in some electronic gambling with four electronic tables.

It is also an equally swanky place to stay, eat and sleep. There are two separate hotel options to choose from. Also, you can pick among fifteen restaurants and sixteen bars in both these joints. So, the Crown Perth makes sure that you get the chance to enjoy an ensemble of luxuries, gaining a place in the top Australian casinos list.

3. The Star

In terms of pure grandeur, few can beat the Star in New South Wales. The whole hotel glitters, living up to its name and boasts of a lot of activity and frolic, thanks to its 351 rooms and 130 suites. And they are designed to appeal to the most sophisticated tastes. However, it is the playrooms that really blow the mind.

1500 poker machines, 30 distinct games across 200 tables and 30 poker tables will keep even the most casual gambler hooked throughout the night. And just in case if you feel hungry for more, there are 13 restaurants and eight bars where you can go and grab a bite and a drink. So, there is something for everyone at the Star.

4. Jupiters Hotel And Casino

Queensland was a bit delayed to make its contribution to the surging increase of gaming in the country. But Jupiters Hotel And Casino has compensated for that delay adequately. Famished gamblers can check in to any of the impressive 594 rooms in the hotel. They can also lick their chops at the five multi-cuisine restaurants, ranging from burger joints to cafes to Chinese restaurants to even the Food Fantasy Buffet.

Jupiters Hotel And Casino (Gold Coast)
Jupiters Hotel And Casino (Gold Coast)

After you are done with your food and drink, scoot off to try your luck at 1400 poker machines, exciting games at nearly 70 tables and even more dedicated poker tables for you to enjoy. The Jupiters deserves that name easily; it is big, shines brightly and leaves you overwhelmed with the fun on display. You can read more on

5. Treasury Casino & Hotel

What Treasury Casino & Hotel lacks in numbers, it makes up in class and luxury for its gamblers. And yes, you can also try out a bit of casual gaming at the 80 game tables that are scattered around at this place in Brisbane. There are also 1300 poker machines that let you enjoy better odds for all your bets placed.

The Heritage Hotel also offers 128 luxurious rooms that will be ideal after a day spent in poker and roulette. You can also sample, at your leisure, a dazzling variety of dining options. If you want some more fun, also try out the drinks and entertainment offerings that this place has to offer in spades. You can book your rooms here


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