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The Top 5 Gambling Tools for 2018

Published on March 7, 2018, 2:34 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

It’s unsurprising that the market for gambling tools is so rife; with professional and casual punters always keen to get an edge, developers are busy looking at ways to deliver this. It’s true that many tools which are really effective aren’t available because they are closely guarded, but there is still some really good software on the market.

Many players will use tools like odds calculators and these are a great starting point to build your gaming software stack. Let’s take a look at five gambling tools.

  1. BetTrader

Financial trader Adam Todd developed BetTrader initially to help with his Betfair trading. BetTrader used money ladders and gained popularity with this innovation. It offers you fast views on Betfair pricing so you can take advantage of value bets. The football trading element of the platform is effective because it you can monitor multiple markets and act quickly on any price movements.

The trading platform has extensive functionality as it allows you to place bets automatically in pre- determined circumstances such as a Stop Loss or a Tick Offset.

The free trial gives some good functionality. The yearly cost for improved functionality is £99.00; this gives you more features and a training option.

  1. Poker Odds Calculator

A huge part of succeeding in poker is being able to calculate odds; if you can’t do this, you will have an automatic disadvantage on other players who can. There is no point giving your competition an edge. There are a few ways to learn poker odds, and it is definitely a bit of a grind but how you go about learning will determine how hard the process is.

888 have a poker odds calculator which is a very good way to make the learning process quicker. The intuitive interface allows you to work through any permutation on a poker table and give you exact odds. The UI is easy to use, and you find yourself learning without it feeling like a grind. You can start by getting a broad feel for how good certain hands are in given situations and then drill down into knowing the exact odds for every situation - great for all levels.

  1. Trademate Sports

Value betting software is very rare. Trademate sports have a solid value proposition in that it enables you to identify profitable opportunities in the global sports betting market. It runs an algorithm which claims to develop true odds and thus throw out opportunities to punters.

The Trademate bot
The Trademate bot (courtesy of

It’s simple to set up and is designed for your average punter rather than professionals. There is a live chat feature as well to help you get the most value from the software and it’s fair to say the UI is really simple.

It lists a series of sports events and the ‘edges’ that it creates for punters meaning you should (in theory) be able to maximize your EV.

There is of course no information on how their algorithm works, although it does give you a track of your bets in the system so you can make a judgment on whether the system is working. This is presented in some handy graphs.

At €400 per month it isn’t cheap, but if it works and raises your returns then perhaps it is a worthwhile investment.

  1. RebelBetting

This is a detailed and professional sports betting arbing service; it’s user friendly and has a well-developed algorithm. The software aims to give you tools and teach you how to make money from arbing, then give you access to their software. It claims that you can earn a profit margin of 10/15%. One of the key issues is that if you start winning you may find your accounts being closed down. Rebelbetting invests in adding more bookmakers to the platform.

There are various payment options, paying for one year in advance is the cheapest, at €749 for the year.

Does arbing work? It can work because price discrepancies will always exist, so if you can find them efficiently you can place winning bets. The issue is that winning bets means closed accounts so eventually your profits are likely to dry up. But in terms of using some software to help you make the most or arbing then this is a good option.

  1. Bettingmetrics

Using data to analyze trends has been prevalent in the stock market for many years. It absolutely is a valid method in sports betting also.

Bettingmetrics dashboard
Bettingmetrics dashboard (sports analysis section)

Bettingmetrics allow you to evaluate your own bets so you can see your performance and returns over time. This is presented in some user friendly charts, with bets, turnover and ROI being some of the key outputs you can configure for. You could theoretically build models in Excel but if you want a ‘pick up and play’ betting analytics tool then this works well.

It’s currently free to use and is being developed all the time. It’s well worth taking the time to set up an account and to start tracking your performance in more detail.


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