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Which mistakes rookies make at online casinos?

Published on November 17, 2017, 12:22 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

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Everyone plays online casino games for fun and to win some handsome prizes. Playing these games isn’t just about getting the right cards or the right combination on the reels as sometimes even the right cards don’t guarantee huge wins, while mediocre hands played smartly can win you huge sums.

Regardless of what your exact motive might be, you should always play online casino games at a reputed and well-known casino platform, for instance, Platinum Play online casino and others. Furthermore, it’s important that you guard against some rookie mistakes which a large majority of online casino players can be seen making. Let’s take you through the top 5 of them as follows:

Registering at online casinos using fake credentials

People new to the online gambling world try to take the safer route and stay anonymous on these platforms. They often register with fake email ids, addresses and names. Although you might be allowed to sign up easily using such wrong details, you’d be in for a lot of heartbreak if you win a huge amount and aren’t allowed to withdraw because of incorrect credentials. You wouldn’t want to be heart-broken like this woman who was denied $8.5m jackpot, although for different reasons and at a land-based casino.

Any good online casino would double check your personal details before paying out any wins. Hence, if not for anything, at least to be able to withdraw your winnings, you must always sign up with correct details. Please note, online casinos are normally the safest and most well-guarded websites. Any personal details provided to them can be considered in safe hands.

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Opting for an unreliable online casino

Players new to the online gambling world often think of all the casinos to be the same. While legitimate and well-known casinos would always place certain terms and conditions on withdrawals of the winnings, getting your winnings out of unknown an unreliable casino can be next to impossible. You must always check that the casino has been licensed by a well-known authority and has a healthy past record.

Ignoring the acceptable payment modes

One of the most common mistakes made by rookie players is that they forget to check the acceptable payment methods at these online casinos. They get so enamoured and overwhelmed by the bonus offers and graphics that they forget to check this essential aspect. You must always verify before playing any games that the concerned online casino allows you to deposit and withdraw money through payment/withdrawal methods convenient to you.

Not paying heed to the casino promotions

All reputed online casino platforms offer promotional offers each week. These are in the form of first deposit bonuses, extra welcome bonuses and more. You might be offered such extra bonuses on a specific day of the week or every weekend. You must stay constantly updated about such promo offers and make the most of them.

Not referring to the terms and conditions associated with the bonuses

Promotional offers including free spins, no deposit cash bonuses etc. often have certain terms and conditions associated with them. You must carefully go through these terms and conditions and understand the corresponding wagering requirements to be able to avail such offers.

Avoiding these mistakes would ensure that you not only have a great time playing your favourite online casino games, but also stay eligible to win huge sums of money, just like this soldier who won a record amount playing an online slot game.


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