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Land-Based and Online Casinos are Similar but Irreplaceable

Published on July 30, 2020, 9:48 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

Will Live Casinos Ever Replace Real Casinos?

Online casinos are using technology to become more seemingly realistic on a daily basis. As with any type of computer based game, realism is important and the same applies to online casinos. One of the major developments in the past five years has been the introduction of high quality live casino experiences. The question is, will live casinos ever replace real casinos?

Land Based VS Online Scenario

Perhaps the best place to start when answering this question is to look at the recent circumstances surrounding COVID-19. Due to the outbreak of the virus, the majority of land based casinos around the world were forced to close their doors to the public. At the time of writing, many of these brick and mortar casinos remain closed and gamblers are having to look for alternatives.

You only have to look at the professional poker tournament calendar to gain an understanding of just what COVID-19 has done to the casino world. Between the middle of March and the beginning of July nearly every scheduled poker event at a land based casino was cancelled or postponed. However, a few of the tournaments were played and these were all completed online. This shows one of the major advantages for live casinos. Granted, this is the first time any of us have been subjected to a lockdown and closure of businesses and let’s hope it never happens again. Nonetheless, what it has done is highlight how easy it is to play live casino games in comparison to those on offer at a brick and mortar casino.

Any of the other poker tournaments could have been rescheduled using a live online casino format. It would have taken a great deal of effort and organisation but with many other poker events already taking place online it can be done if there is time to do it properly.

In the circumstances highlighted above, live casinos can replace real casinos. In normal circumstances, can live casinos ever replace real casinos?

Live Casinos - The Virtual Simulation of a Land-Based Casino

Live casino games have been available online for many years and millions of people choose to play them on a regular basis. The quality of the set-up means it is now possible to play a great selection of games including roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker with a real dealer. Live casinos also offer the chance to play against real players from around the world and even at real casinos. is a good example of what can be achieved in terms of a live casino. Here you will find a dedicated live casino section with the opportunity to play games at real casinos in the United States, Malta, and Denmark. In many cases, not only can you see the dealer and the table, you can also hear the atmosphere of the casino and even take a look around the room, at the other games and players. Also, at tables with liberal playing rules, the dealer will always stand on soft 17, and you will be able to double down on any two cards after pair splitting. You will feel as though you are in the casino with them and that is the goal of live casino games.

Not a single part of the experience is computer generated when playing at the top live casinos. When playing a game of roulette for example, the wheel is real, the ball is real and the croupier is real. Even the information regarding the game is often displayed on a screen which is located in the room of the casino, although some will choose to superimpose it using graphics. It is even possible to chat with the croupier and other players during a live casino game and this adds to the superb level of realism.

Clearly there are many ways in which a live casino can replicate a real casino, but can it truly replace the full experience?

The Timeless Charm of Land-Based Casinos

There are some aspects of a real casino that simply cannot be replicated when playing live casino games. Sitting at a table in a real casino in Las Vegas, Monaco or Macau is a thrilling experience. Not only do you have the buzz of the people surrounding the table at which you are playing, you also have the overall atmosphere of the room. There are smells and sounds which cannot be picked up over the computer and they add to the joy of playing at a real casino. It’s important to set a budget you will use for playing in the casino and try to stick to it. Although it can bring you a lot of money, playing games of chance can also lead you into bankruptcy, even if the house edge is the lowest possible.

Socialising and simply drifting from table to table or slot to slot is all part of the fun at real casino. For those who do not want to travel, a live casino experience is close to the real thing, but when it comes to having the ultimate night out at the casino, real casinos cannot be beaten.

To conclude, for some people, live casinos have replaced real casinos but there are others who will always prefer the latter; each has its own characteristics, and the choice depends on one's tastes.


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