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About Gin Rummy and Las Vegas Tournament

Published on April 6, 2020, 11:28 am

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

The World Series of Gin Rummy in Las Vegas

Gin Rummy is an exciting card game played by millions around the world. The professional aspect of this game has strong roots to Las Vegas and here is where the big tournaments and games take place. The two main events have already been booked for 2020, and for those players who are entering and playing in these, the countdown is now on until they lock horns.

The World Series of Gin Rummy is the biggest event in the calendar and that will take place from June 7 until June 10, 2020, in Las Vegas. The tournament will take place at Bally’s Hotel in the resort tower on the 26th floor in skyview room number two. This is an excellent setting for the games to be played, a place surrounded by luxury where the World Series winner will be crowned.

World Series of Gin Rummy - Players of the Year (2015 - 2019)World Series of Gin Rummy - Players of the Year (2015 - 2019) / GRA website

The second big event on the calendar is the Holiday Classic, which takes place from December 13 until December 16, with the venue being the same. This is the key for players who are going to participate in both, they will be playing at a venue they have played before and somewhere they feel comfortable.

The Gin Rummy Association

The Gin Rummy Association, or GRA for short, is the only live gin rummy tournament that takes place in Las Vegas. Anyone can become a member and take part in the events that they have for players, so if you are a big gin rummy player and you want to test out your skills in Las Vegas, then you are able to.

There is no association fee to join either, which is a big positive for some players who are just starting out. You don’t have to pay a huge fee just to get in; you can join for free and enter single tournaments or partnership tournaments.

Gin Rummy - Rules for parnership tounament
The 14 rules that must be followed by playing in a partnership tournament

It is thanks to the GRA that we have tournaments like this, aiming to promote the game of gin rummy, and to showcase the skills of the very best players that we have. Without the hard work and determination of those who run the GRA, gaming events like the two they have on offer, would not be possible, and we would never know who will be the best player.

Gin Rummy and Online Gaming

When it comes to online gaming, gin rummy is not one of the most popular card games, with people choosing to play other popular table games such as blackjack or baccarat.

One of the big reasons why the online version of blackjack is so popular, unlike Gin Rummy, is because this is a game where you can play either the standard version or the live version, putting you up against a real-life dealer and giving you the opportunity to interact with him in real-time. This adds the feeling to play inside a real-life casino, when actually you are playing at home on your computer. For this reason, the appeal is very strong.

Today, those wanting to play online casino games, have a huge choice in front of them, seen the multitude of brands available online. To avoid confusion, there are reviews and guide sites that are now offering up the best casino bonuses 2020 and a wide choice of guides for playing online games.

With organisations such as the GRA creating offline gin rummy events, and the world spreading around the globe about the game, it is expected that there will eventually be a rise in gin rummy online.

Whatever the online future holds for this game, you can expect the presence in Las Vegas and other parts of the world to remain strong. Now it is time to see just how far this game can progress and appeal to a wider audience around the world.


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