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Achilles Free Online Slot


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Achilles, in the Greek mythology, was a Trojan War hero – one of the greatest warriors of his time. Perhaps, you are not familiar with the whole mythology. But, you must have come across the term Achilles’ heel, which indicates a deadly weakness despite the complete strength one has. This weakness took its name from Achilles as just one part of his body was susceptible to attack and made him surrender to death.

With the online slot game Achilles by Real Time Gaming, an esteemed software company, you get to experience the same journeys that Achilles went through. The only difference being that you get to bag some exciting cash prizes on your way to climbing over the walls of Troy. The free online game holds for you a considerable random jackpot, which makes it all the more entertaining while you aid the Greeks in thrashing the Trojan army.

Achilles slot

With 20 paylines and 5 reels [check this page for more games], this interesting video slot offers a scatter symbol as well as two special bonuses. You can wager around $5 per line (with the minimum being $0.01) as you move toward your goal to match symbols alike.

In all, Achilles holds for you 10 symbols with amazing prizes while you match the identical ones. In order to win a prize, it is essential for the players to match three identical symbols. Nonetheless, you can even claim a small prize, in case you end up matching two identical symbols.

Matching those symbols among all that signify iconic symbols of the Trojan War or Ancient Greece, you become eligible for larger rewards. The warrior Achilles icon performs like a wild symbol among the others. Moreover, shields and banners are equally worthwhile.

The Troy Story

The Troy city represents a scatter symbol amid the fighter game. When you match three or above of these, a prize comes to you, which is many times your total bet. Striking three symbols may mean a prize thrice your wager, for an instance. And it’s no less than a jackpot if you hit a complete five Troy icons. It earns you an amount almost 500 times your bet.

Outstanding Features

The beautiful online game of Achilles comes with two super special features, including the Achilles feature and the Troy feature. Both these provide free spins to players while on the reels.

Hit three symbols of Achilles or more, be it anywhere on the screen, and the first feature is activated. This makes you choose one symbol of Achilles and grab a prize from 15 to 25 free spins. Scatter symbols simply convert into Achilles and Helen symbols, instigating you to make large wins. You can multiply your prize while playing the spins with a 3x multiplier.

The second feature activates when you hit three symbols or more of the Troy city. You are immediately eligible for 10 free spins, highlighting a 2x multiplier. The choice is yours and you can restart the bonus.

To your surprise, even a blend of the Achilles and Troy symbols will make you bag a total of 10 free spins.

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