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Realtime (RTG) Affiliate Program


Realtime GamingRealtime Gaming is one of the biggest online casino game software companies in the world. Based out of Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles, which is a small chain of islands right off the coast of Venezuela, RTG has sold and licensed software to online casinos everywhere. So widespread are their clients, that most people who have spent some time experimenting with different online casinos, have probably used RTG’s software at some point or other. RTG designs software that is both Flash-based and downloadable directly to computers.

Most of their games are designed so that casinos can offer larger and more frequent bonuses to invite players coming back, and yielding greater long-term returns at the expense of some short-term house edge sacrifices. As a result, many of the casinos that use RTG software do very well, since players are less frequently hit by extremely bad beats that wipe out their bankrolls and turn them off of the game. Most players understand that the house will always have an edge, and that they cannot win over the long term; they are paying over time to be entertained, and wiping out a bankroll in one sitting is not entertaining. RTG’s game design model, and the odds that it sets, ensures a more even relationship between players and casinos in which the players accept numerous small losses over time and the casinos keep playing fun for everyone.

There are some fundamental differences between Realtime Gaming’s online table games and those found in brick and mortar casinos. For one, each shoe is usually randomly shuffled after each hand in games of blackjack. Some players dislike this form of blackjack, but many of those players are unlikely to play at online casinos in the first place. Shuffling after each hand is comparable to the use of constant shuffling machines in some casinos that protect against players who count cards. However, some live constant shuffling machines and reshuffling machines can still be partially tracked or exploited by very skilled players, diminishing the actual insulation that they provide from card cheaters. Realtime Gaming’s card games are devoid of human dealer error and are shuffled in a truly random manner that will appeal to Basic Strategy players. Moreover, electronic dealing can be configured by players so that it is instantaneous, meaning that players can get in more hands per hour than they would in any traditional casino.