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Alien Cash Attack


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Alien Cash Attack is a combination between a classic pub-style slot game and a fruit machine. There are three reels and one payline, as well as a free-spin game that awards as many as 25 win spins. Additionally, the win spins can be translated into cash rewards later in the game, with multipliers that add to your in-game combination wins. In addition to its bonus features and game hybridization, Alien Cash Attack has the standard fruit machine holding and nudging options that allow you to take scattered combinations and turn them into straight wins.

Also, while many three-reel games have five symbols, this game has six, giving you even more ways to win. One of the bonus features has a multiplier sequence that can multiply your trigger wager by as many as 500 times!. You can bet one coin at a time, but you are allowed to change your coin size so that it is as high as $10. This game packs a lot of punch for a three-reel game, and the bonus features generously compliment the traditional fruit machine playing options.

The betting units in Alien Cash Attack vary depending on the region that you are playing in and on what online casino. That said, the currency units scale with the game, so the jackpot for a game in pounds would technically be higher than in a game using dollars. The minimum bet is $0.10 and the maximum bet is $10, with a single-coin limit for the sole payline.

While the jackpot isn’t as high as those offered in some games, remember that this is a three-reel, single-payline game; you only need to bet with one coin in order to get the maximum jackpot, rather than betting the maximum on 25 paylines at once like you would on some of the five-reel games. In addition to the 500-coin jackpot, the other in-game features quickly add to your net earnings when you play.

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