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In the world of video slots, game themes built around outer space have always hold a place near and dear in the hearts of slot players. When the actual game theme involves cute little alien creatures, the approval rating seems to go up. If those cute little aliens are here to abduct humanoids, the interest hits a peak. That's exactly what the game What on Earth is built around. Microgaming has developed an outer space themed game that is both zany and fun to play.

What on Earth features a standard 5-reel, 9 pay line game format. Players are given the opportunity to play for a potential jackpot of $37,500 based on wagers ranging from $.01 to $45.00 per spin. The coin values are $.01 per pay line on the bottom end of the range, up to a maximum of $1.00 with a range of 1 to 5 coins allowed per spin. That makes this game a decent low risk, high return endeavor.

All of the game's low paying symbols are represented by cute and colorful caricatures of fruits designed to look like planets. In an interesting twist, the What on Earth logo serves as the game's wild symbol. However, it only substitutes for the game's two highest paying standard symbols. The game also has three scatter symbols: a red rocket, a green space ship and a blue rocket.

If the player lands a green space ship or blue rocket on reel three only, they get the opportunity to play the Beam Me Up bonus game. Likewise, a chance to play the bonus game is also earned by landing the red rocket on reels 3-5 at the same time. During the bonus game, players are challenged to select icons to be beamed up to the spaceship before a timer runs out. Each of the icons carry multipliers, which will be added together to create one big bonus.

Verdict: It's great to see a game that makes no effort to take itself too serious. The symbols are zany enough to elicit some chuckles, which is a good sign for any video slot game that claims to be fun. The one thing that makes this game so unique is the interactive bonus game played against an actual clock. That's something players don't see very often. With a nice jackpot included in the offering, What on Earth is definitely a game that deserves a little attention.

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