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Around the World

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Around the World Review

Around the World is a Playtech casino game in the brand’s Arcade Games series. The game’s central feature is a spinning wheel with sections numbered 1 to 49, and the player’s objective each round is to predict whether the next number will be lower or higher than the last.


Games of Around the World do not consist of a single round. The goal is to make it around the world. The player begins at a train station and must make it to Paris, New York, Beijing and London. The path in between each location involves seven steps. An incorrect guess allows for forward progress but results in a strike, and when a player accumulates a second strike, the game ends.

Like a slot machine, the game never returns the stake. Whenever a player reaches the end of a level, he can cash out. If he reaches the end of a level with one strike, then he earns one times his balance or the stake if the balance has not yet been established. If he reaches a destination with zero strikes, then he wins 2.5 times the stake at Paris, three times at New York, 3.5 times at Beijing and four times at London.

If the player does not cash out and chooses to proceed, the win amount serves as his balance. In other words, if a player wagered a dollar and reached Paris with no strikes, his balance would be $2.50. If he then reached New York with one strike, he would win $2.50 and again have a balance of $2.50.

Special Features

The Around the World wheel has 52 stops. In addition to the sections numbered 1 to 49, there are three special stops: Remove Strike, Advance One Step and Advance One Level.

RS removes a strike if the player has one. AS advances the player one step along the path. AL advances to the player to the next destination. Example: if the player were in between Paris and New York, then he would move to New York regardless of how many steps remained. In each case, the wheel’s current number remains, and the player makes the same guess again for the next round.

Graphics & Audio

Around the World uses a 2D play area and looks a lot like your average Flash game. A more elaborate, colorful board perhaps with some animations would certainly make the game more engaging. The sound effects are a tad annoying, and although the brief music played for each city is fun, we chose to play with the sound off.


Bets range from $0.10 to $100. If a player wagered $100 and managed to reach each destination without a strike, he would win $10,500 upon reaching London.


Around the World is a simple game but much more fun than we would have imagined. We just wish it had a user interface to make the experience more interactive. You can check for more games of chance by browsing our database.

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Around the World Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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