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Astronomical Review

Astronomical is a three reel, single payline slot that pays out at its highest rates when you bet three coins at once. It has a space and planet theme, but most of the symbols are standard three-reel game icons like various bars and cherries. Betting units are quite flexible, with you being allowed to bet anywhere from one to three coins at once. The only real bonus feature in this game is the autoplay option, which allows you to set your playing stakes and then have the game automatically play until you hit the jackpot or get to a certain number of coins. Astronomical’s strengths lie in its simplicity and ease of play.

There is a lot of flexibility in how much you can wager when you play. Coin denominations start at 25 cents and go as high as $5. You can bet as many as three coins on the single payline, bringing the maximum wager for a spin to $15. The jackpot is set at 8,000 coins, which comes out to $40,000 if you bet the maximum. The second largest jackpot is 4,000 coins, which is still higher than most of the jackpots offered in other three-reel games. This game is not for slot players who want a very cheap game to play on, but you can still completely activate the three paylines by wagering three 25-cent coins.

Astronomical’s autoplay feature works similarly to the automatic stop-loss tools that professional security traders use. After setting your wager amount and the number of coins that you would like to play with on each spin, you enter the absolute minimum number of coins you are willing to have in the machine and then enter the absolute maximum number of coins you would like to have.

If your coin number goes below or above those preset numbers, your game stops spinning. Also, a jackpot will freeze the autoplay feature until you decide to reactivate it. Using autoplay is convenient because doing so allows you to play Astronomical in multiple windows simultaneously while you go to the store, take a shower or go about other daily chores.

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Astronomical Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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