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Through the classic slot game Winning Wheels, Microgaming is happy to introduce the player to the world of Formula One car racing. The game's entire motif is a great representation of what one would expect to see if they were to experience a race in person. From the checkered flags to the race car audio features in the background, everything is designed to make players a bigger part of the gaming experience.

Winning Wheels is a standard pub style classic slot with 3 reels and 1 pay line in the center row. Players are only allowed to bet one coin per spin, which translates to a betting range of $.10, up to $10 based on the same coin values. With the game's largest jackpot of 500 coins, the cash value of the game's biggest payout is $5,000. That puts this game at the low end of classic slots based on payouts.

The game comes with a large group of symbols and corresponding multipliers. They include wrenches - 2X, checkered flags - 4X, racing helmets - 6X, 7s - 8X, single gold bars - 10X, double gold bars - 20X, bottles of champagne 40X, a pit crew - 80X and a racing driver 500X. If the player lands three bronze, silver or gold wheels, they get the chance to spin the bonus wheel for prizes that include cash bonuses, multipliers and nudges. They spin until the gas tank runs empty.

The game also includes nudges and holds. Nudges are used to move a reel forward one cell in order to try to create a winning spin. Up to four nudges can be used per spin if the player has enough of them in the bank. If they have holds, holds can be used to freeze one reel while the other two reels are re-spun one time in hopes of creating a winning spin. Only one hold can be used per spin.

Verdict: For a classic slot, Winning Wheels has a lot of things going on at one time. Based on the game's design and extra features, it is certainly a game that warrants consideration, especially from beginners and novice players with small budgets. The game's only drawback is the low payout scale. However, the chance to play a slot game with racing engines screaming in the background is almost worth the price of admission on its own. As classic slots go, this one actually rates a look.

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