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Bangkok Nights: An ode to classic Thai slot


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There is something fascinating about casino games and particularly as that of Thailand. If you have ever been to a casino in Bangkok, you know what we are talking about. Nevertheless, if you are not able to visit the amazing casino land in person, then this casino game will surely teleport you to the same. The extraordinary elements of the game we are talking about will surely surpass your expectations of a video slot game. So, if you want to know more about the fantastic slot game, Bangkok Nights, then keep on reading.

Bangkok Nights, an uncommon slot game

Bangkok is a known place throughout the world for its fantastic night life and especially its legal casinos. Many people, who visit Bangkok for a vacation, do make sure to stop by a nearby casino. Such is the charm of this place and NextGen has surely provided the same comfort of a classic casino in their game, Bangkok Nights. When you play this game, your screen is flooded with the outstanding graphics that make you feel that you’re just one step away from entering a real Bangkok casino.

Since Bangkok is a typical city that blends modern with the traditional aspects, it is a pleasure to see that the developers have ensured that Bangkok Night slot game incorporates even the minute details in its graphics. Like we always say, the details are what make a game fantastic. Without these particulars, a slot game would lack its authenticity and will not provide the player a premium experience.

Bangkok Nights - free spins session
Bangkok Nights - During the free spins session, prizes are tripled

While the concept of this slot game is casino, it still takes us by surprise due to its remarkable graphics. The game features quite a lot of interesting things that we are going to mention below:

  • Bangkok Nights is a 5 reel video slot game that has 20 paylines. These many paylines only increase the chance of a player to win money.
  • The game offers gamble feature, pick ‘em and free spins to its players. Each of these can be found when the player invokes wild symbol or scatter symbol.
  • There are two main symbols of this game that you must watch out for. First is a casino dancer clad in pink costume, while the second symbol is the club entrance.
  • Casino dancer is supposedly your only prime winning symbol, which also happens to be the wild one. If you get the dancer on your reels, you will get a chance to play bonus game.
  • If you get the club entrance symbol, which is your scatter symbol, you will be able to get 12 free spins. Whatever you win using these free spins will be tripled and added to your balance.
  • Apart from these symbols, there are many other symbols which form a part of the winning combinations. These symbols include casino hat, chandelier earrings, casino ticket and a costume mask.
  • The easiest way to ensure that you get paid is the gamble feature. When you get a chance to play this feature, you will be prompted to choose the color or suit to win. If you pick the right one, you can take the win. FYI, the suit win is double the color win. So go with your gut and gamble for the suit.
  • You can adjust your payline, from 1 to 20 and the bet accordingly. For a 20 payline maximum bet of $4.00, your total bet would be set for $80.00. Similarly if you decrease your payline and bet, your total bet would be adjusted accordingly. It is a bit of math that you must consider doing before betting for real.
Bangkok Nights - bonus round
Bangkok Nights - In this bonus phase, you need to pick a girl to reveal an hidden price

Is Bangkok Nights an ideal slot game for you?

We give Bangkok Nights our clearance as it is the easiest online slot game that you will ever play. There isn’t a lot going on in this game, yet it manages to keep the player hooked on. The 3 exciting features of the game, along with the fancy graphics and assured guarantee of NextGen just makes everything super fun. If you are a fan of simple yet fantastic online slot game, then do try Bangkok Nights.

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