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Avalon II, an awesome quest slot game!


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Old folklore and legends have always remained an integral part of human civilization. No matter how much civilized we become, we always get fascinated by the things of past, things that we don’t know, especially the old legends. Thankfully, Microgaming has brought one such concept in their game Avalon II which features a quest by King Arthur to find Holy Grail. Whether or not he succeeds, depends on your luck. So, let’s keep it rolling and find out more about this stunning 3D video slot game.

Avalon II: A Thoroughbred Concept

Contrary to the average games, Avalon II is quite a convincing and decently conceived concept. King Arthur is famously known for his quest of Holy Grail, which was said to be brought by Joseph of Arimathea to Britain. After coming to know about the grail, King Arthur made it his eternal mission to find it. Holy Grail is not only a sacred ancient article, but is also a subject of mystical powers. Due to this, it remains a mystical object till today. However, the players of Avalon II can get their Holy Grail easily.

For anyone who is easily fascinated by old legends and particularly as that of King Arthur and Holy Grail, Avalon II could be the next ‘it’ game. And it gets super fun if you are into playing slots. This game features some of the most legendary characters such as King Arthur, Merlin, Holy Grail, Black Knight, Lady of Lake, goblet and other symbols as well. The game has 7 stages and a total of 8 bonus games – we definitely appreciate having so many bonus games in one single game, it only doubles the fun.

Avalon II - the bonus round (first phase)
Avalon II slot - the bonus round (first phase)

As the player proceeds in the game, new stages get unlocked and further let the player enjoy the bonus games in these stages. This 5 reel slot game has 3 rows that give a player a whopping 243 paylines to win the money. But if you aren’t sure whether you want to start gambling right away, it is better you understand the game by playing the demo. You will be provided with 10,000 demo credits and you can use them all until you figure out how to play.

Once you are clear with the concept of the game, you can register to play live and win real money. Following are the things that we like the most about Avalon II, the slot game:

  1. The 3D animated characters just add more life to the game. These aren’t caricatures that we are talking about; these are perfectly created characters in 3D animation.
  2. Avalon II features some of the best scatters and bonus features such as multipliers and wilds that let a player get one step closer to winning the fortune. The player can win an impressive jackpot of 7,500.
  3. The secure online portal ensures that no user data gets leaked out. Microgaming being the topnotch online casino software company guarantees the authenticity of Avalon II and its payout percentage.
  4. The game does not experience any lags, which means that the player(s) can keep on playing without any interruptions. Moreover, the bonus stages are sure to keep the players hooked.
  5. 5 interesting stages – Lake of Legend, Misty Vale, Dusky Moors, Hall of Shadows and Isle of Avalon feature different bonus games that only ante up the gaming experience of the players.
Avalon II - The free spins session
Avalon II - a winning combo during the free spins session

Do we recommend Avalon II?

If you are a fan of quest games, extraordinary 3D animations, mythical creatures, history and slots, then we recommend Avalon II as it is one of the best video slot games that you can play to win real money! So go ahead and try your luck in this amazing quest game – Avalon II.

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