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Battle of the Gods


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One of the most popular slot themes is the concept of the mythical Greek Gods. "Battle of the Gods" pits the best of the Gods versus the best of the Titans in a battle for supremacy and money. Game developer Playtech brought this game to market in late 2013. While the theme has been largely successful over the years, this game is not one of Playtech's better efforts. The graphics are dark, drab and a bit menacing, leaving the player to wonder which side is the good guys and which side is the bad guys. Each icon has some type of attached audio/video feature, but nothing is extraordinary. Since the game plays at a high variance with low payouts, the game is better suited for novice players.

Game-Play Features

The game is played with five reels and 25 pay lines. The minimum bet is $.01 per line based on one coin. The maximum bet is $50.00 per line. The low-paying icons are portrayed by Gods (Poseidon, Zeus, Hestia, Uranus and Chaos) and Titans (Chronus, Rhea, Gaia, Atlas and Coeus). The flaming wings act as the wild symbol, which substitutes for everything but the scatter symbol (Temple of the Gods). The game's largest payout comes with five flaming wings, paying out 10,000 coins times the bet for a max of $500,000. Most of the other payouts would be considered average at best.

Special Bonus Features

As is the case with many of Playtech's recent releases, Battle of the Gods comes without much in the way of interesting bonus features. However, players might get a kick out of the unique free spin mode.

X - Game Feature - If five Gods appears on reels two, three and four in such a manner that they form an X in the middle of the screen, the player is awarded 5X the total bet, which is paid out immediately.

Free Spins - Gods versus Titans - If three or more scatters appear together, the player is awarded free spins. The free spin round begins in Gods mode where all the icons are Gods with the exception of wild symbols and one Titan (Chronus), the extra wild. Players get unlimited free spins in Gods mode. If three or more Chronus icons appear, the game switches to Titans mode. Titans mode has only Titan icons with the exception of wild symbols and one Gods icon (Chaos), the extra wild. The player is allotted eight total free spins in Titans mode. If three or more Chaos icons appear, the game switches back to Gods mode. This process continues until all eight Titan spins have been exhausted.

Summary: - It's a shame that the concept gets lost among a lack of interesting features. While free spins can add up quickly under certain circumstances, there is really no other reason to recommend the game unless a player has an interest in Greek mythology.

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