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Big Kahuna Review

Big Kahuna is an online slot machine that has a Hawaiian high priest theme. The game has authentic jungle sounds and a color scheme with a distinctly wild feel to it. The symbols are colorful and made to represent various Hawaiian fruits, monkeys, a volcano and other Hawaii-related hallmarks. The game is a nine-line slot machine, so there are countless ways to win, especially with the scatter symbols and multipliers that distinguish it from other online slots.

The game has various scatter symbols that can increase your chances of winning on every spin, as well as increase the amount that you win for each spin. The laughing monkey symbols can double, triple or even quadruple your bet amounts whenever they are on your screen. How many laughing monkeys you get will determine how many times your initial bet is multiplied.

When you get more than three monkey masks or volcanoes at once you can gain the volcano bonus, which is a miniature game that allows you to choose one symbol that is thrown into the volcano. After you have thrown in your symbol, the volcano spits out a number that is multiplied by your bet amount for a bonus payout. So, if you bet $2 and the volcano spit out a 500, you would receive a bonus payment of $1,000. The same would apply to smaller and larger bet amounts.

Unlike many other online slot machines, Big Kahuna allows you to win with unconventional combinations as well as matched combinations. For instance, if you get various fruits in a row combined with a dancing Hawaiian warrior, you can receive bonus payouts. The combinations can be diagonal or in crisscrossed patterns. Even though the winning pattern combinations may take some getting used to, you will quickly catch on as you start to win on combinations that don’t initially look particularly special.

The Big Kahuna symbol can enhance any combination that you get, potentially boosting your earnings to as much as 8,000 times your initial bet. As a result, playing on the Big Kahuna machine is a very viable option for players who do not wish to bet high amounts on each spin, but who would still like to have shots at very large jackpots and bonus wins. Alternatively, players who bet larger amounts and happen to get to the volcano bonus game can win very large amounts of money.

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Big Kahuna Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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