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Tally Ho the fox. What an interesting theme for a video slot game. Of course, it's hard to fathom a rich fox traveling around the world in luxury, but based on the Tally Ho video slot developed by Microgaming, players can hopefully follow Lord Fox to a pile of riches. While the game theme tends to inspire interest, the graphics seem to lack depth and meaning.

Tally Ho is a 5 reel (non-progressive) video slot with 9 pay lines. Even with a coin range of only $.01 per line up to a high of $1.00 per pay line based on 1 to 10 coins per spin, it's encouraging to see a game-high jackpot of $60,000 being offered for such modest investments. The combination of low investments and large rewards always indicates a particular game suited for players of all levels.

On the way to possible riches, players will encounter low-paying symbols like cheese, scones, a teapot, bowl of strawberries, coat of arms, cheesecake, a mansion, a luxury car, a cucumber sandwich, Lord Fox and Lady Fox. The wild symbol is represented by a "wild stallion" that subs for any of the game's standard symbols and brings with it a 2X multiplier on winning spins. The wild also serves as the anchor for the game's largest jackpot, which is awarded if the player lands five wilds.

The hunter's bugle is used as the game's primary scatter symbol. If the player lands two or more scatters, an instant win is initialized. If the player lands three or more scatters, 10 free spins are awarded with a multiplier that corresponds with the number of scatters (3, 4 or 5) landed to create the free spins opportunity.

Finally, Tally Ho comes with the ultimate gamble feature. After every winning spin, the player has the choice of claiming the prize by moving forward with the next spin or selecting the gamble feature. In the gamble feature, the player has the option to risk their winnings at double or nothing by selecting a card color and matching it with the dealer's card or a 4:1 gamble that involves selecting a playing card suit and matching it to the dealer's suit. The gamble feature continues until the player loses or decides to claim the total winnings.

Verdict: While the graphics, audio segments and video features seem a bit lacking, Tally Ho has enough game-play features to keep players interested in playing. Also, the allure of a big jackpot for a modest risk makes the game worth a shot for players who may have a limited gaming budget

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