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Let's play at Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey scratch game


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Time and again, gaming software developers have had great success designing video slots around popular movies. In 1989, Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey followed the adventures of two California guys as they used a phone both for time travel to meet historical figures. In 2008, Microgaming designed and released a video slot based on the movie. Much of the game centers around real video clips from the movie, which makes for laughter and enjoyment. The audio features include loud rock music, plus some of the priceless quotes used by Bill and Ted during the movie.

It's not a surprise that Microgaming's game developers came up with a unique game format to mimic what has become a unique cult film. The 3-reel matrix is contained within a phone booth. There is a total of 5 pay lines. Players are permitted to select a coin value of between $.10 per pay line on the low end, up to a maximum of $2.00 per pay line. Only one coin is allowed to be wagered on each spin. With a total maximum bet of $2.00 per line, players can win a maximum jackpot of $20,000.

All of the game's standard symbols are represented by characters from the movie. They include, Bill, Ted, Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon and Genghis Khan among others. The wild stallions symbol serves as the game's wild symbol. It will be used as a substitute for everything except the scatter symbol (phone booth) and the bonus symbol (game logo).

If the player lands 3 or more scatter symbols, they earn the chance to play the interactive Circuits of Time bonus game. During the game, players are required to shoot planets as they are flying in space. For each plant they hit, the earn free spins. After the shooting has concluded, the free spins are played with random multipliers of 10X, up to a maximum of 1000X.

The Guitar Bonus feature is initiated on a random basis during the base game. If selected, the player is taken to a secondary screen where they have to use a lightning bolt to hit the right string on the guitar. If successful, free spins are awarded with 8X-500X multipliers.

Verdict: It's a strange looking game with strange looking features. That seems appropriate when one considers how strange the movie was back in the day. It's not the most exciting video slot in the world, but the video features, interactive bonus game and music soundtrack are enough to make it a game worth consideration.

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