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Who doesn't love and respect all the grannies in the world? Furthermore, who wouldn't enjoy having billions of dollars? Both of those questions are prompted by Microgaming's classic slot Billion Dollar Gran. From the cute caricature of the sweet ole' granny to the game's most interesting features, Billion Dollar Gran has enough going for it to warrant consideration.

Billion Dollar Gran is presented in a standard 3-reel slot format with 1 pay line. While the player is only allowed to wager 1 coin per spin with a value of $.01, up to a maximum of $10.00, the game still comes with a decent max jackpot of $20,000. In the world of classic slots, that would be considered a pretty decent possible return based on the investment required.

With granny sits in her rocker with the cat while knitting, the game features two levels. On the first level, players spin the reels to win win-spins. Based on the number of win-spins they receive, they get the chance to spin a secondary set of symbols for cash earnings, nudges and re-spins. The following represent the base game's symbols (with associated number of win-spins): cherries - 1 spin, 7s - 2 spins, knitting supplies - 3 spins, tea cups - 5 spins, blocks - 10 spins, jewelry boxes - 15 spins and granny - 25 spins. In the win-spins round, landing three bowls will unlock the game's largest bonus.

Billion Dollar Gran also features Microgaming's hold and nudge concepts. With a hold, the player is given the opportunity place one of the reels on hold status while spinning the other reels one time, hoping for a better result over the original spin. With the same motivation, nudges give the player the opportunity to move one reel forward one spot at a time. This can be done up to four times on one spin, subject to the number of available nudges. These options are only available while playing the base game.

Verdict: While it's difficult to get excited about classic slot games, Billion Dollar Granny provides enough qualities to make playing the game worth the investment of time and money. Microgaming has developed several games using this same format. What makes this game stand out among the list of said games is the game theme and the high maximum bonus. Something would have to be seriously wrong with someone who doesn't want to visit granny and win a possible $20,000.

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