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You might remember the reality show about the Osbournes. Well, they even have their own Microgaming slot game. As far as five-reel, 20-payline slot games go, this one has a relatively high jackpot. The payout rate is well beyond those seen in most brick-and-mortar slot games, and it is about average for an online slot. The maximum bet is a respectable $100, but you can still bet as little as 1 cent on each spin.

In terms of game features, this slot has everything that you could possibly ask for in a non-progressive slot. The Osbournes has a wild symbol, a scatter and a multiplier. It also has a free-spin game and a bonus game. While the bonus game makes it impossible for you to automatically spin, you can still have a lot of fun. This slot is best for players who want to dedicate all of their attention to one game.

The artwork is more detailed than that seen in most of even Microgaming’s slots (here). Every member of the family has his or her own portrait. There are also symbols that represent items commonly seen in the reality TV show. Some other symbols include an electric guitar, a performance microphone, a chair, a dog and a family portrait. The color scheme is mostly a subtle dark red. During the free-spin game, the background turns a bright yellow instead of red.

In order to activate the free-spin game when you play The Osbournes, you need to get enough scatter symbols on the reels. The free-spin game gives you 10 free spins in a row with all of the payouts doubled. The jackpot is the only combination that does not get doubled during the free-spin game. There are actually two types of scatter symbols, and they function differently. Fortunately for you, this is a lucrative problem to have.

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