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While many parts of the world still haven't recognized the charm of the game, bingo remains a popular game throughout many parts of Europe. For players who might enjoy the game in an online casino environment, Bingo Bonanza was developed as a means of giving bingo players what they want. Unlike playing bingo in a conventional online bingo room, players are simply playing against the machine to see if they can get a bingo within a specific number of balls being called. The game's graphics are decent, and the player is sure to be stirred up by a dramatic soundtrack that plays in the background as balls are being drawn.

Prior to the start of the game, the player is required to make a couple of important decisions. First, they have to decide how many cards they want to play each game. They can choose anywhere between 1 and 8 cards simultaneously. After making that decision, the player is required to select a wager amount per card. The options range between $.50 and $10.00 per card. To make things easier, players can click on the max button if they intend to select the maximum number of cards with a maximum bet per card.

After the number of cards and wager amount has been set, the player clicks on the "play" button, which starts the hopper tumbling and the balls coming out one at a time. With the audio sounds being created in the background, players might actually feel a bit captivated as the balls keep rolling out. As part of the game-play process, the player is going to be hard-pressed to hit a winning card. At a minimum, the player has to fill one bingo horizontal line within 60 balls in order to secure a push. If the player lands a bingo within the first 55 balls, they receive a 1X multiplier. The game's maximum possible payout is 10000X, which occurs if the player is able to complete the near impossible task of landing a horizontal bingo within seven balls or less. In that case, the return would be a life changing $100,000 with a max bet.

Verdict: Bingo Bonanza is an excellent bingo game, which provides players with the opportunity to play a fast-paced bingo game without having to deal with some of the distractions found in traditional bingo rooms. The option to play eight cards at a time is a nice feature for players who like to increase the suspense and the possibility of hitting a winning card on each game.

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