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Throne of Egypt is an online slot game that utilizes five reels and 25 paylines. It has an Egyptian theme and symbols that transport players to ancient times. The primary jackpot for the game is 10,000 coins, but you can win as much as 500,000 coins if you get lucky while playing the free-spin bonus game. Because it is a game that was developed by Microgaming, it has several bonus features and symbols that truly enrich every playing experience.

The bonus and free-spin game rounds stack, meaning that you can quickly multiply your earnings when you hit it big. This is a great game to play if you like playing relatively simple reel games but you would like something that offers a bit more variation in terms of bonus games.

As a five-reel game, Throne of Egypt is much simpler to play than many other types of slot games. The advantage of there only being 25 paylines is that you can easily determine when you have won a spin—and more importantly, why you won the spin. Part of the thrill of any reel game is watching the symbols show up one at a time and getting a chance to guess whether or not you have won.

If you play the game for long enough you will quickly memorize the patterns, and you can always look at the payline charts if you need help. Of course, you are always paid when you win, but it is nice to immediately know what you are looking at when a combination comes out.

The biggest wins in Throne of Egypt hinge on the three bonus rounds and the free-spin game. The free-spin game is triggered when you get a cobra symbol on both the first and the fifth reels. When it is triggered, you get 15 free spins that pay you at twice rate you would be paid for your base bets.

The game can be re-triggered during the free spin game, so you can potentially get tens of free spins in a row that pay out at twice the normal rate. The bonus game, on the other hand, is activated when you get three Eye of Horus scatter symbols on the middle three reels. The three bonus games are unlocked in sequence by playing a guessing game in which you click on scarabs, eagles and gold keys for prizes.

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