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Blackjack Bonanza Review

When it comes to creating names for classic slots, Microgaming usually does a good job of matching titles with themes. In the case of the classic slot game titled Blackjack Bonanza, the company seemed to mess up. Keeping in mind it is a classic slot, the main objective of the game is to land three kings for a maximum payout. That sounds a lot more like a poker hand than a blackjack. Even the light blue motif with the king mascot seems to scream poker. Maybe the name Poker Bonanza was already taken, but the title of this game is a bit confusing.

Putting all that nonsense aside, this is indeed a basic classic slot game. The game provides nothing more than the basic with the exception of a wild symbol that helps to give the game a little extra boost.

The Format

Blackjack Bonanza features a standard classic slot format with 3 reels and a singular pay line. The cash betting range is $.25 at a minimum with a maximum of $15.00. That is based on a betting allowance of 1 to 3 coins, carrying a player designated value of $.05 on the low end, up to a maximum of $5.00. With a maximum potential jackpot of 4,000 coins, the highest achievable pay out calculates out to $20,000. That's a decent number for a single pay line classic slot that comes with no bonus features.

Blackjack Bonanza slot game
Preview of Blackjack Bonanza slot machine

The game's symbols with corresponding multipliers are listed to the right of the game-face as follows (based on three coins): any one king - 6X, any three bars - 6X, any two kings - 15X, three single bars - 30X, three double bars - 60X, three triple bars - 150X, three 7s - 300X, three kings in any position on the screen - 1000X and three kings on the pay line 4000X for the highest possible payout. Note: the payouts are incrementally lower when playing 1 or 2 coins spin.

Bonus Features

The king also serves as a wild symbol that can be used as a substitute for any of the game's other symbols. If used as a substitute for a winning combination, the payout is doubled. The game provides no other bonus features.

Verdict: Blackjack Bonanza has been around a long time. In all these years, it's amazing that Microgaming hasn't pulled this game from circulation given the confusing title and the lack of any meaningful game-play features. This is the kind of game beginners will stumble upon and play without realizing there are literally hundreds of other options that provide more excitement and offer up better potential jackpots. Clearly, these kinds of games have a niche, but it seems the player's money would be better invested by playing one of Microgaming's more sophisticated and rewarding video slot games.

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Blackjack Bonanza Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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