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Thunderstruck II Review

While Playtech remains the king of video slots built around Marvel Comics superheroes, Microgaming has at least one Marvel game that has made a big impression on the industry. Thunderstruck II (2010) is a follow-up to Thunderstruck (2003). Both games follow the exploits of the mighty Thor as he battles the Evil of the Nordic Gods.

The dark, stylistic game-play screen comes in a variety of colors that often make it feel like there are multiple games all tied up in one. In true Microgaming form, there are a lot of bonus features that go into making this one of the company's most popular games, which is saying a lot when one considers the impressive list of top games that the company has released through the years.

The Format

Thunderstruck II follows a familiar format with 5 reels and 243 different ways to win. The game's betting range falls between 1 coin and 300 coins per spin with a coin value of between $.01 and $.05, which calculates out to between $.01 and $15.00 per spin. These numbers are the basis for the only knock against this game. It's a low risk, low return game that will have limited appeal for players in the upper echelon.

The game's standard, low paying symbols are represented by playing card numbers ranging between 9 and the Ace, plus Thor, Odin, Loki, Valkyrie, the Nordic ship and the Nordic castle. The Thunderstruck II logo serves as the game's wild symbol. It can be used to substitute for any of the other symbols with the exception of the scatter symbol (Thor's legendary hammer). If the wild symbol is used as a substitute to form a winning combination, the amount of the payout is doubled.

Bonus Features

Thunderstruck II comes with two primary bonus features. The "Wildstorm" feature can strike at any time. When it strikes, the screen shakes and the game gives the player one free spin with 1-5 spots randomly turned into wild symbols, which could create multiple winning combinations.

If the player lands three or more bonus symbols, they earn their way into "Valhalla," The Great Hall of Free Spins. Every 5 times they go to Valhalla, they progress through four levels of free spin games. The first level is Valkyrie where the player gets 10 free spins with a 5X multiplier. The second level is Loki where the player gets 15 free spins with a "wild magic" symbol on reel 3, which creates additional wild symbols when it appears. The third level is Odin where the player gets 20 free spins with a "wild raven" feature that creates extra multiplier symbols. The final level is Thor where the player get 25 free spins with rolling reels and multipliers.

The Great Hall of Spins

The mythical beings and gods of the Norse are featured prominently, and they have the power to take you to the progressive bonus game known as the Great Hall of Spins. To get to the Great Hall of Spins, you have to collect three or more scatter symbols on one spin. The scatter symbol in the game is Thor's hammer.

Thunderstruck 2 slot - The Great Hall of Spins bonus game
Thunderstruck 2 slot - The Great Hall of Spins bonus game


The first time you enter the Great Hall of Spins, you must choose the Valkyrie. The Valkyrie gives you 10 free spins at a 5x multiplier.


On your fifth trip to the Great Hall of Spins, you can choose Loki instead of the Valkyrie. Loki gives you 15 free spins, and he unlocks Wild Magic. When the Wild Magic symbol appears, it transforms other random symbols on the screen into wild symbols.


After making 10 trips to the Great Hall of Spins, you meet Odin. Odin awards you with 20 free spins, and he unlocks the Wild Raven bonus. One or two ravens will fly around the screen, and when they land on symbols, they transform into 2x or 3x multipliers.


After making your way to the Great Hall of Spins 15 times, you are greeted by Thor. Thor gives you 25 free spins and activates the Rolling Reels feature. When Rolling Reels is activated, winning symbols explode, which causes the symbols above them to cascade down. The cascading symbols may activate other winning combinations, more explosions and more cascading symbols.


While the potential payouts leave a lot to be desired, the game still creates excitement with its really cool audio and video features. Players should also enjoy the challenge of trying to work their way up the bonus feature ladder where they can actually create some decent winning. This is a solid game, deserving of its fame.

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Thunderstruck II Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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