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Booty Time is surely fun! Don’t get us wrong, this online video slot game is based on pirate theme and cutesy pirate characters, which are exotic birds such as cockatoos. This game showcases some of the best gaming features, surrounded by a breezy concept and decent graphics. So, if you are looking forward to try your luck in a great online slot, then just keep on reading as we tell you everything about this game.

Booty Time: An exotic online slot (no pun intended!)

First things first, Booty Time is completely different from what you thought first about it. This online slot game comes from the house of Microgaming, which is one of the leading gaming software companies. Based on the concept of pirates, this game features some of the cutest pirates who are aboard to seek treasure filled chest, fun and an exotic voyage.

Initially, you are introduced to the game, Booty Time by Captain Squawks in a huge pirate ship sailing amidst an ocean. Visually, the game has all the aesthetic features to come closer to seafaring - the designers have made sure to provide that experience. Coming back to the game itself, there is a squad of colorful pirates who seek to help you win some real money. In first impression, the game does a good job to create an environment and interest of the player.

In Booty Time slot, the wild symbol substitute any missing combination
In Booty Time slot, the wild symbol substitute any missing combination

So, let us break down the characteristics of the game, Booty Time:

  1. It is cliché to see exotic birds accompanying the pirates (at least in movies). However, Microgaming has brought a new perspective to Booty Time by introducing the birds as pirates. Normally, not a lot of people would be interested to play a game that features human pirates or just birds – it is below average. But, Microgaming made a troupe of pirate birds, adding a great twist in the gaming experience.
  2. There are many winning combos which make this game interesting. All the symbols in Booty Time have a value and this increases the winnings from the combinations of characters that appear on the reel. For instance, the parrots yield coins, whenever they appear on the reel. If you get 2 parrots, you win 20 coins.
  3. Similarly, the number symbols on the reel also reveal winning combinations. For example, if you get the number 9 two times on the reel, you get 20 coins and if you get number 10 three times on the reel, you get 50 coins. For a complete outlook on how much the symbols can yield, you can check out the “view pays” tab on the bottom left of the game.
  4. Now, coming back to the main symbols of the game, there are wild and scatter symbols. The wild symbol is the symbols with “Booty Time” written over it, whereas, the scatter symbol is the treasure chest overflowing with gold coins. As usual, the wild symbol can substitute all other symbols except scatter. The player wins with a substituted wild will be doubled up.
  5. The scatter symbol (gold treasure chest) when appears on the 1, 3 and 5 reel columns, they invoke the Booty Time Bonus feature, which is the free spin round in non-fancy way. During this round, a player can get more Booty Bonus which doubles up the fun and the player can play for a longer time with free spins. Also, the winnings get exciting.
Booty Time bonus feature
Booty Time bonus feature - choose the chests to add free spins and multipliers to the session

Do we recommend Booty Time?

Ideally, this 5 reel slot with 3 rows and 25 paylines can become your latest favorite online slot game. Maintained by the software Microgaming, Booty Time has the best interface, theme and concept that feature the pirate birds which take you on an adventurous voyage. If you want to understand how the game works, you can try the demo game here and once you are used to it, you can put some money on stake and try your luck. Looking for more free games? Visit this page.

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