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Best Software Operators Used by Online Casinos


The Market

The online casino market is double the size of online shopping business and has seen remarkable developments lately. Since new softwares are rich with 3D casino features, multi-player options and secure payment processes, it's expected to become one of the most profitable industries on the internet.

Online casinos are operated through different types of web applications or software programs. It serves a greater convenience and better play options to players and wider clientele to operators. There are two types of online casino software available in the market. One that needs to be downloaded on your computer’s hard disk and installed before you can start to play. The other one, allows to play online without any download or installation process.

Downloadable Software

The Casino Software that needs to be downloaded on your computer may take from few minutes to anything up to half an hour or so to download, depending on your internet connection speed. Once installed, here in, you get multiple gaming options and speedy process as the software is installed on your machine itself. Of course, you need an internet connection to connect to the casino service provider. But, the game is machine dependent.

Web-based Solutions

The flash-based software, that runs online, needs no download. It requires the player to register on vendor’s website and use login and password every time he or she wishes to play. They run through browser plugins like Macromedia Flash, Shockwave or Java. One need to have a speedy internet connection to really enjoy the game, otherwise the hefty graphics, sounds and animations download would take a lot of your gaming time. Some HTML based games are also there, though.

The major benefit of this type of online casino is that you can play it from anywhere. Just travel with your login ID and password and the world is your gaming spot.

Software download and instant play options
Various online casinos offer both software download and instant play options

Casino Software Providers

There are hundreds of companies who provide online casino software solutions on ownership, lease or franchisee basis. Few of them enjoy very good reputation in the market and among players. Deploying these companies’ online casino software is an unstated guarantee of success in the gambling business. Among the most known and prolific brands, stand out: Playtech, Realtime Gaming and Microgaming.

These Casino Software Manufacturers have earned a distinctive reputation in online casino world. They provide large selection of games, eye-catching graphics, effective sound solutions and more slots than ever. There user friendly features and gaming convenience make them popular among operators and players both.

Selecting a Software

(what to consider before to choose the engine that will power your site)

If you are planning to make a plunge into online gaming industry, there are many online casino software provider companies on internet which offer 100% turnkey online casino, Sports-book and multiplayer Poker, with various packages to choose from. The most popular few online casino software come with capability, multi-player facility, Sports-book solutions and advanced Java application/integration. These software providers, set up a whole new customized site for your own casino and multi-player poker options.

They collect detail of all monetary transactions, customer deposits, withdrawals and other statistical calculations like the top earning games, winners & losers, highest and lowest bids, the pay-out percentage, etc. For management purpose, they provide full real-time report to check progress of your online casino, poker room or sports-book’s statistics.

These companies also arrange trainings for you and your staff, on how to manage and operate a successful online casino. They all invariably come with powerful back-end management system with all essential financial, marketing and customer service tools, as well as a license agreement. The proceeds are divided and wired to your specified bank account.

However, here are few points that you would like to know before subscribing for any online casino, to avoid future losses and blemishes:

  • That the software is designed by reputed, technically expert and experienced team.
  • That it is hosted on very fast server with sufficient memory to sustain multiple user requests at a time.
  • That the payment gateway in use is popular and secure one, an unknown payment gateway may discourage players.
  • Read online reviews, and check the blacklisted casinos to ensure that you are not putting your money on a rogue brand.
  • That it has easy navigation and attractive layout and visuals to support a real life casino experience.
  • How many games does it offers? Successful casino software serves multiple gaming options.
  • Know that you meet its system requirement.
  • Ensure that you can deposit and withdrawal money without any hassle. There is no use in downloading software only to learn later that it doesn’t support your deposit and withdrawal system.