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Break da Bank


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Now is your chance to break the house’s bank when you play the slots. You more than deserve a big win, and this game can give you a shot at just that. Break Da Bank is a serious three reel video slot with a wide betting spread allowance and a hefty maximum jackpot. It is one of Microgaming’s only three-reel games with a maximum bet of $125. Fortunately, the jackpot scales accordingly. There is not a bonus game, but there are some special symbols that keep things interesting and boost your net win rate. All in all, Break Da Bank is a versatile slot that is easy to use and pays out well.

In the game’s plot, you are tasked with breaking into a massive vault in a maximum-security bank. Within lie enough riches for you to live out your days in luxury. The symbols are mostly different types of bars, but there are also a dollar sign and the game’s logo. Across the front of the machine, you can see the open bank vault overflowing with gold coins in stacks that reach the ceiling. The game’s sounds also make you feel like you are inches away from a heavy steel door, working your magic on the lock.

Like some of the other similar slots that Microgaming has made, Break Da Bank has a proportionately higher payout on its fifth payline. When you hit the jackpot on the first payline, you are awarded 1,000 coins. Winning on the fifth payline means that you walk away with 2,400 coins. Having more paylines activated also means that your coins cover more reel space, giving you more opportunities to win on each spin. The minimum that you can bet on a coin is $1, which may be too much for low-limit gamblers. However, the maximum coin size is $25, so high-stakes gamblers can play Break Da Bank instead of five reel games if they are looking for a jackpot over $50,000. This slot has a top jackpot of $60,000, putting it well ahead of other three-reel games.

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