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Bubble Bonanza Review

For the most part, Microgaming is recognized as the top online casino game developer in the industry. The company's video slots often receive rave reviews for innovation and creativity. Surprisingly, Microgaming's game developers also do a great job when designing innovative arcade style games like Bubble Bonanza. Bubble Bonanza has a summertime theme, which makes sense due to the fact the game comes as part of a series Microgaming developed around the four seasons of the year.

The game mascot is a silly looking frog who is assigned the task of overseeing the bubble cannon...more on that later. The game screen has a 6X6 matrix filled with bubbles. Under each bubble sits one of six hidden symbols. The symbols are represented by the following icons, which each carry a specific multiplier: purple half-moon, red cube, yellow ring, orange circle, green triangle and blue star. The multipliers range from .10, up to a high of .50.

Prior to the start of the game, the player is required to select a wager amount between 1 and 50 coins. After the wager has been selected, the player clicks on the play button and all the bubbles are popped revealing 36 symbols. The objective of the game is to land three of the same symbol in either a vertical row or a horizontal line. If a winning configuration pops up, the player is awarded the multiplier times the amount of their wager.

Hidden among the bubbles is a bonus symbol. If the player should land three bonus symbols in the same row or line, they earn the opportunity to man and shoot the bubble cannon. With the bubble cannon, the player gets the opportunity to shoot eight exposed bubble symbols into the matrix to replace existing bubble symbols. If accurate enough, the player can build up some big prizes. There is one caveat. While shooting the bobble cannon, one of the bubbles could fall to the bottom of the matrix. Should that happen, the bonus game is concluded and all winnings are calculated.

Verdict: Bubble Bonanza actually has interesting game concept. While it plays like a standard scratch card or arcade style game, the interactive bonus round brings a whole new level of excitement to the game. Players won't get rich playing this game, but the chance to grind out some tidy profits should be considered a distinct possibility. As arcade style games go, Bubble Bonanza is a game that warrant serious consideration from players who want to take a break from the status quo video slots and table games.

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Bubble Bonanza Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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