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When slot players decide to take a break from video slots and try traditional classic fruit machines, they usually have to sacrifice the chance to hit a big jackpot in the process. That is unless they stumble on the classic slot game Six Bomb by Microgaming. With a $40,000 jackpot just sitting out there for the taking, classic slot players finally have the chance to invest small dollars for the opportunity to win the kind of money that changes lives.

While the game-face explodes with color, players will enjoy the opportunity to actively make choices throughout the game-play process. The base game starts with 3 reels and 1 pay line. With a one coin limit per spin, players will be using a betting range of $.10 on the low end and $10.00 on the high end.

The base game's symbols and corresponding multipliers include cherries - 2X, lemons - 3X, plums - 5X, blue 7s - 10X, red 7s - 20X and bombs - 50X. After the player hits a win on the base game, they can choose to cash out or advance to the bonus game. In the bonus game, they will encounter 3 reel and 5 pay lines. Their wagers will come from the winnings on the spin that got them to the bonus game. They can choose to stay with one coin or increase their wagers up to five coins, which will dictate the pay table to be used. The symbols used in the bonus game are the yellow single bar, green double bar, red triple bar, watermelons, blue 7s, red 7s, and the bomb symbol.

They will also see a wild symbol that subs for all other symbols. If the wild is used to complete a win, the win amount is doubled. If three wilds appear on one line, the payout is 4000X, which translates to $40,000 with a max bet of $10.00. The game also provides Microgaming's hold and nudge options, which allow players to manipulate the reels for a chance at a better result.

Verdict: Based on the game action and the decisions to be made, Six Bomb is undoubtedly one of Microgaming's most interesting fruit slots. Players need to be careful not to waste too much of their winnings in the bonus game, but the chance to hit $40,000 on a small $10.00 bet is awfully tempting. With the right amount of discipline, Six Bomb could provide a very rewarding experience.

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