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Bunny Boiler Gold Review

The original Bunny Boiler instant game was one of the most popular board games in the history of online casinos, but it has now been topped with the all-new Bunny Boiler Gold version. The animation and sound effects have been greatly improved in Bunny Boiler Gold, and the game is more exciting than ever before. One of the most appealing parts of the game is that it is cute, so women love it, but it is not so cute as to drive off the guys who do not mind using a bunny to win some cash.

Bunny Boiler Gold follows the adventures of a young, little rabbit as he makes his way underground through a tunnel decorated with multicolored lights. The object of the game is for the bunny to get to his hollow, and the jackpot prize, in the center of the board without being captured and thrown in the stew pot.

To play Bunny Boiler Gold free slot, you begin by choosing a jackpot size. Prizes increase with higher wagers, and you can place bets in a range from 1 credit to 10 credits. The bunny’s moves are determined by the roll of a virtual six-sided die. The bunny is obliged to hop through the tunnel the number of times as the number rolled on the die. As the bunny hops his way through the tunnel, he can land on one of four types of spaces:

  • Carrot – The carrot is a safe space. The bunny can chomp away on the carrot and not worry about meeting an untimely end until the next roll of the die.
  • Jump – The colored jump space allows the bunny to make a super leap through the tunnel to the next space of the same color.
  • Crossbones – The bunny skull and crossbones symbols are to be avoided at all costs. They mean instant death for the bunny, bringing the game to an end.
  • Prize – Passing over the prize symbols makes you a winner. Prizes are retained even if your bunny does not make it to the jackpot.

The 1,000 times multiplier jackpot on Bunny Boiler Gold is very generous and brings the top prize to 10,000 credits.

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Bunny Boiler Gold Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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