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Bunny Boiler

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Bunny Boiler Review

The Bunny Boiler instant win game is part of Microgaming's new line of scratch tickets that play like board games. Microgaming has changed how online scratch games are played by adding a higher level of user interaction than has traditionally been available with scratch tickets. Bunny Boiler is the most popular of these games in the springtime. When looking for seasonal games, very few can match Bunny Boiler during the months of March and April, but the game is fun to play any time of year.

In the Bunny Boiler instant game, you have to help an innocent, little bunny get through his underground tunnels to reach his nest. The problem is that a hunter has placed dangerous obstacles and booby traps in the way. The bunny has only six chances to make it to the nest in the center of the ticket where his safety and your jackpot prize await.

To start a game of Bunny Boiler, you have to first put up your stakes. Wagers start at 0.50 credits, and they go up to a maximum of 10 credits per play. When your wager is set, just click on the New Game button to begin. You now have six rolls of a virtual six-sided die to get the bunny home. If you do not make it in six rolls, then the game ends.

In the tunnels that lead to the bunny's home are four types of spaces, and the bunny is forced to move a number of spaces equal to your roll. If he lands on a carrot, then he can safely wait for your next roll. Teleportation spaces allow the bunny to skip ahead to the next matching teleportation symbol on the board. Whenever the bunny passes over a pot of gold, you win a prize, and the prizes get larger the closer the bunny gets to his home. The last type of space is the bunny skull space. If the bunny lands on one of these danger spaces, then he will meet an untimely death, ending the game. However, if the bunny gets to the jackpot, then you will win a maximum payout of 100,000 credits.

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Bunny Boiler Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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